Rave Glory Hole Cutie

Moving away from the adult bookstore and into the club for a moment, we have here a clip from Rave Gloryhole. The young, gorgeous Ksiusha is out for a night at the club with her friends when she slips away to the bathroom. The gloryholes in the stalls at this particular club are fairly well known around the area and as she enters there are already a couple of guys waiting on either side. She can see them watching her through the partitions and before long she has her top off, exposing her lovely natural tits, and is jerking a hard cock in each hand. She goes back and forth between each guy, sucking one while the cock on the other side fucks her from behind, finally finishing them off in her mouth.

Please enjoy this clip of Ksiusha taking 2 dicks at once through the glory holes. The full video can be found on the Rave Gloryhole site.

Post Info: Ksiusha from Rave Gloryhole
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