Anonymous Fuck Slut

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Being young is a time for sexual experimentation, and Sanya completely embraced this philosophy from the moment she turned 18. While some girls dread being labeled a slut, Sanya relished it. The idea that she was nothing but a fuck toy, built to pleasure men made her unbelievably horny. It’s no wonder then that she was a natural fit for the seedy world of sex shops and porn theaters, where the cute teenager could often be found late at night indulging her lust.

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On this particular night, Sanya enters an adult bookstore she has frequented before and heads to her favorite glory hole booth, delighting as she notices the men around the store trying to hide their growing erections as they watch her walk in. Once situated inside the dirty stall, she strips off her clothes to reveal her young, natural body and beckons for the first man to slide his cock through the hole.

The stranger eagerly complies, groaning with pleasure as he feels Sanya’s hot, wet mouth wrap around his shaft and sink all the way to the bottom. Being an anonymous cocksucker had its benefits, and Sanya had become an expert at getting a man off with her mouth, able to extend her blowjobs until the poor fellow can’t stand it anymore and fires a massive load down her waiting throat.

Amateur Stacy

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Here’s another good amateur clip from Gloryhole City, this one with Stacy, a beautiful girl who knows how to work the hole. While some other customers look on from outside the booth, she expertly sucks the thick cock that belongs to the anonymous stranger on the other side of the wall. Eventually as she gets more comfortable she slips out of her top and bra, loving the feeling of being exposed in the middle of a seedy adult bookstore surrounded by all these perverts.

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A Glamorous Girl

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Gloryhole Initiations is a site we haven’t talked about for quite awhile (why? I don’t know), so let’s change that. The site is similiar in setting and theme to, except that it features black girls sucking white cocks through restroom glory holes rather than the other way around. It’s worth mentioning that it’s also part of the same network of sites as, where membership gets you access to both as well as a number of other high quality interracial sites.

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This beautiful mocha princess is Bethany, who with her glamorous looks seems somewhat out of place in this dirty gas station bathroom. She strips out of her clothes to show off her gorgeous natural tits before getting down to her knees to service the hard cock that’s now sticking through the hole between the stalls. She does her best to please the stranger orally before turning around and sliding his cock deep into her pussy, driving him almost to the edge before she turns around to let his load cover her face and tits.

A Schoolgirl’s Penance

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You know when you think about it, the traditional Catholic schoolgirl outfit is a very curious thing. On the one hand it is supposed to be a symbol of innocence and devotion to eduction and faith. And yet, in popular culture it has become the completely opposite – a uniform for aspiring young sluts and whores everywhere. Not that we’re complaining, mind you. This morning’s post has a delightful clip from Gloryhole Admissions, the site that features young, attractive girls pleasuring their church’s priest through a hidden glory hole in the confessional.

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Our schoolgirl slut is Missy, a gorgeous blond with amazing tits who can’t resist touching herself while she confesses to sins of a sexual nature. The priest, having heard her confession, advises her to remove the screen covering the well placed hole and slides his hard cock through so she can offer him some relief, which Missy is all too eager to give. She strips out of her panties but keeps her plaid skirt on as she remains on her knees until the priest has drained his aching balls all over her sweet, innocent face.

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McKenzie Takes A Break

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Tight young mom McKenzie Lee was looking absolutely stunning walking around town in a skirt that’s barely there and a pink top that did a wonderful job of display her huge gorgeous tits. After a day of shopping, she stopped off in a public restroom to freshen up a bit and she wasn’t in there for more than a second before she noticed the rather prominent glory hole in the wall between the stalls.

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As she was alone, she sat there and began fantasizing about having a nice thick anonymous cock to suck and fuck when her day dreaming was suddenly broken by the sound of someone else entering the washroom. She heard the stranger enter the stall next to her, and judging by the shoes she could see under the divider, it appeared to be a man. Before she knew what was happening, a huge, hard black cock was sticking straight out of the wall, tempting her to pleasure it.

Not one to leave a man in distress, McKenzie gets down on her knees in the dirty restroom and begins sucking the massive dick for all she’s worth, freeing her huge tits from her top and playing with herself at the same time. After getting her new companion nice and excited, she bends over and slides the black cock into her tight white pussy, fucking the shaft until she pulls out and jerks his load all over her lips.

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Easy Virtue was another amateur site that popped up around 2003 that has since unfortunately disappeared from the web. Like When I Feel Naughty and Charlee’s Pics, Easy Virtue had some amazing amateur adult theater and gloryhole content. The site featured Kalyx, a cute, hot, uninhibited 18-19 year old girl who was filmed by her boyfriend fucking and sucking pretty much anyone who was willing.

Judging by what we find on the snapshot of the site from 2004, themes included exhibitionism, gang bangs/group sex, interracial and of course, lots of anonymous glory hole and porn cinema action. Below are a couple short clips we managed to find from their adult theater adventures.

Easy Virtue has been offline for years now, but if anyone still has some of their videos laying around, let us know, it’d be a shame for it to be lost to the Internet forever. If you enjoy this kind of authentic, amateur glory hole / adult theater content, check out Cum Drinking Wife and other amateurs we’ve covered.

Holey Fuck!

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We’ve got some content from a site that we haven’t covered here yet, and it’s a good one. Holey Fuck moves away from the classic adult bookstore setting and features girls working the gloryholes in various public restrooms. The girls are quite attractive, the video quality is great and the site currently has a large number of updates – if you’re into the thought of women sucking anonymous cock in a public bathroom, check it out.

This full video that this preview is from can be watched here

The first scene we’ve got it Ira, a young natural brunette who’s out and about on a weekend when she makes a quick stop at the service station restroom. As she’s getting situated, the station manager (who had observed young Ira entering the bathroom), slides his cock through one of the holes he’s previously cut in the side of the wall for just this purpose.

Some girls immediately run out, but Ira is turned on at the man’s boldness. She slowly grasps his shaft before taking it into her mouth and sliding slowly up and down along the length while she pleasures herself as well. Before long, she’s turned around with the anonymous stranger’s dick deep in her pussy, riding them both to an intense finish.

Party Girl

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Tiny little Ava here is the last person you’d expect to find in the video booths of a seedy sex shop, yet that’s where the little 18 year old minx found herself after a night of partying with friends. At the club Ava had been talking with a friend of a friend who told her stories about what occurs in some of the more seedy adult bookstores around town. By the end of the night, having not had any luck finding a suitable guy to go home with and fuck, Ava decides to take him up on his offer and heads out to a back alley porn shop just around the corner.

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Once she’s inside the booths in the back, Ava gets into the spirit by stripping out of her pink tube top and short cutoff jeans until she’s completely naked, loving the feeling of being completely exposed around all these strangers. She signals the guy next door to stick his cock through the glory hole, which he readily does and she immediately engulfs it in her hot wet mouth, giving the lucky fellow a blowjob he’ll never forget. Before long, hours have passed with Ava still on her knees, servicing the long line of hard cocks that keep coming through the hole.

Ava’s video comes courtesy of Glory Hole Girlz, where you can find dozens upon dozens of other girls sucking anonymous cock through the glory hole.

Campus Gloryhole

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Cute little red head Missy was on her way to classes late one morning when she stopped at the restroom near the social sciences hall. At 18, Missy was still somewhat inexperienced and timid when it came to sex, having only been with her high school boyfriend. As she enters the dirty gas station restroom, the first thing she notices is a dirty magazine lying on the ground along the wall, open to the page where the last visitor had apparently gotten off. She doesn’t notice the smoothly cut glory hole at perfect eye level for someone kneeling on the floor of the restroom.

The full video this clip is from can be found at Huge Cock Gloryholes

Disgusted and yet intrigued at the same time, she starts slowly flipping through the pages and before she realizes what she’s doing, she has her dress pulled up around her waist and her panties down around her ankles. It’s only now that she notices some movement to her left, and before she realizes what’s happening, a massive cock comes through the previously unnoticed glory hole in the wall separating the women’s and men’s restrooms.

Realizing what the stranger wants, Missy slowing takes him into her mouth, feeling incredibly turned on at the thought of sucking an anonymous cock through a glory hole in a public bathroom on the middle of campus. At school and this close to home, it could be someone Missy knows – a friend, teacher, a neighbor – the thought makes her even wetter.

Amateur Mary

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Today we’ve got another clip from Gloryhole City’s excellent amateur collection, the lovely Mary. For those who don’t know a bit of the back story, Mary has been famous for years for producing some of the best amateur glory hole videos currently available on the web. This particular video features Mary in the video booth, doing what she does best while her husband films the action.

The full version of this clip, as well as many more of Mary’s videos can be found at Gloryhole City

She sucks off a number of guys, taking their loads through the hole before inviting one lucky guy into the booth to get a little more up close and personal. After getting him hard with a nice blowjob, Mary bends her over and lets him fuck her doggy style before he blows his load deep inside her pussy. If you’re a fan of geninue amateur glory hole videos, Gloryhole City does not disappoint.

Not So Innocent

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Hayden’s parents had always done their best to ensure their daughter was brought up as a proper Catholic. She attended an all girls school, went to Mass every Sunday and made regular confessions throughout her early years. However, as she got older and entered college, many of the feelings that her upbringing had suppressed began to make their way out.

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Not having an outlet for her urges, Hayden’s mind was always filled with sexual thoughts that lately had begun to get more and more intense. As she sits in the confessional booth seeking advice from her priest, the thoughts are as strong as ever. Sensing her confusion, the perverted old priest on the other side of the wall decides to take advantage of the situation, revealing the carefully concealed gloryhole between the booths and freeing his rock hard cock from his cassock before sliding it through the hole and into Hayden’s view.

She had seen pictures of cocks before, but never this close and never this big, however instinct quickly takes over and before she realizes what she’s doing she’s stroking the rigid shaft while the priest moans his approval from the other side. With a little more coaxing, she takes the old man’s cock into her mouth and her lesson is just beginning.

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