Gloryhole Hustler Cameron

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Here’s another set from Gloryhole Hustlers, this time featuring a short-haired cutie named Cameron with a great smile and amazing rack. We’ve been covering this site a lot lately but quite frankly, the videos and pics they’ve been putting out are so damn good it’s hard not to. They’re currently putting out updates twice per week, and you’ll be hard pressed to find better quality content in this genre right now. Cameron here has been involved in 2 glory hole trips that the have appeared on the site, but for today we jump ahead to her latest one.

From Gloryhole Hustlers.

You can see more pics of Cameron here
Gloryhole Hustlers Cameron

She takes on every cock that comes through the hole, and doesn’t shy away when the men get ready to cum – she takes every load on her face or in her mouth (and swallows it all of course). By the way she handles herself, it’s clear that this girl knows her way around a cock and it shows in how fast she’s able to get some of these guys off.

It’s great to see her joking around and having a good time while providing a little oral relief to the lucky guys who had the good fortune to be at the porn bookstore this afternoon. From the tattoos and short hair, she has a bit of a bad girl look going on, but from the video she seems to have a great, easy going personality. The booth in the adult bookstore where they happen to be filming this has gloryholes positioned on either side, and at one point there are horny guys waiting on each side to get serviced. And like a true pro, Cameron doesn’t panic – she works on one guy with her mouth while keeping the second pervert hard and ready with her free hand. At one point she even takes a break to head outside for a drink and a little fresh air before returning to the booth for round 2 and a new set of anonymous cocks to get off.

The Gloryhole Tube and updated links

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A couple quick announcements:

  • Our new site, The Gloryhole Tube, is now up and running. It contains many of the videos that we’ve posted here on The Gloryhole Blog, as well as many more that we haven’t had a chance to cover yet. The site is, and always will be, free and it’s currently being updated a few times per day as we try to get as many videos loaded as possible.
  • The Gloryhole Links page has begun to get a cleanup and an overhaul, and now has some image previews to go along with many of the sites. It’s one of the most comprehensive lists of glory hole sites you’ll find on the web, so take a look – you’ll probably find some interesting sites you haven’t heard of yet.

Gloryhole Hustler Julie

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I’ve got to hand it to the guys who run Gloryhole Hustlers, the quality of the girls they’ve been filming for the site is top notch. For those who have seen a good deal of content in this niche, you know that sometimes some of the girls you might find behind a glory hole can be a bit…rough. Not so with Gloryhole Hustlers however, somehow they’re consistently able to convince very attractive young ladies to camp out in seedy adult bookstores and suck off strangers for an entire afternoon.

From Gloryhole Hustlers.

A bunch more images of Julie can be found here
Gloryhole Hustlers Julie

One of the latest is this bubbly young cutie named Julie, who gets right into the spirit of things as soon as they’re setup in the booth. She has an absolutely amazing body, accentuated nicely by the tight green tank top and scandalously short skirt she’s wearing. As is now seemingly the tradition for girls on the site, she takes almost every load right in the mouth, swallowing each load like she’s starving and this is the first meal she’s had in days.

After taking a number of guys (I lost count), she’s gotten herself so horny that when a big cock comes through the hole, she can’t help but back her ass up to the hole and let the lucky guy impale her pussy. Can’t wait to see what girls they bring out next, keep turning out the great videos fellas.

And Now For Something Completely Different

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Alright, this new site we’re covering today is a little….different….but it is gloryhole themed and damn if it isn’t pretty hot regardless. Slime Wave features amazingly hot girls, fake cocks and fake cum. Lots of cum. Like, an absurdly ridiculous, possibly illegal in some states amount of cum. The scene setup is pretty simple – attractive women, usually wearing some pretty nice clothing head into the bathroom to wash up. Before long they notice the hole in the far wall of the room and a good sized fake cock slides through.

From Slime Wave

The ladies get down to business, sucking and fondling the instrument before it begins spewing out its monstrous load. Did I mention there’s a lot of cum? Once the proceedings have completed, the women bear a strong resemblance to glazed donuts, absolutely covered from head to toe. Admittedly, this sort of thing probably isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a skeptic like I was I would encourage you to at least check out the video and if you’re intrigued, have a look around the site for more samples. You never know what you might find you end up liking.

Another Cute Hustler

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For those who haven’t heard about Gloryhole Hustlers yet, the site just opened its doors a couple months ago and so far is shaping up to be one of the best glory hole sites on the net. The girls are real amateurs, the setting is a real adult bookstore and the cocks being sucked belong to lucky strangers that happened to be there in the right place at the right time. Everything is extremely well filmed and they’ve been updating like crazy lately, with a whole lot of great scenes available on the site now.

From Gloryhole Hustlers

Enjoy this extended clip featuring Lexi, a delightful young blonde who’s cute as a button and has no problem getting down and dirty in the local adult bookstore. Her first trip she brought a friend along for a little support, but this time she’s going solo, expertly jerking and sucking all of the hard stranger’s cocks that come through the hole.

Check Out Adult Theater Fun!

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We wanted to bring some attention back to Adult Theater Fun, since it’s been awhile since we’ve done an update featuring them and it remains one of the best true amatuer gloryhole and adult theater sites on the web today. The site is a collection of largely user-submitted videos and picture sets, of real women getting down and dirty in real adult theaters and gloryhole booths. You won’t find any porn stars or brightly lit fake sets here – only pure amateur action.

This video sample features Jen, an enthusiasitic amateur glory hole enthuiasit who gets off pleasuring random strangers in the dirty atmosphere of an adult bookstore. Many, many more videos like this featuring real amateur women can be found over at Adult Theater Fun, we encourage you to check it out.

Jen from Adult Theater Fun

Introducing Gloryhole Hustlers

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We’ve got an absolutely fantastic update for you today from a brand new gloryhole site that is looking like it could be one of the best sites on the web in this genre. Gloryhole Hustlers opened for business recently and in all honesty I can say this is some of the hottest new glory hole content we’ve seen in years. The videos are shot in actual adult bookstores with real guys and gals, something of a rarity these days in the glory hole porn world – you’ll find no fake sets or professional pornstars on Gloryhole Hustlers, everything has a very real, amateur authentic feel to it.

The girls featured on the site so far are smoking hot, and quite enthusiastic about their, um, ‘work’, taking on all cummers and swallowing loads left and right. Despite the amateur feel, the video quality and fliming is fantastic, unlike a lot of other amateur scenes which are more often than not poorly shot and poorly lit. Videos are available for download in a variety of formats including very sharp high definition.

From Gloryhole Hustlers

If you’re a fan of amateur glory hole action, or hell any kind of glory hole action, you have to check this site out. We hope to see lots more updates from them in the future.

More Gloryhole Princess

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Here’s the latest glory hole clip from our favorite new amateur Piper at Gloryhole Princess. Some great amateur content as always, it’s great to see her having such a good time making videos for her site.

In this clip, Piper goes to town on the stranger in the booth next door while taking some time out to service her man as well.

You can find the full video here

Looking for more? Here’s a gallery with a few more shots of Piper’s glory hole adventures.

Perky Teen Slut

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This perky young cutie is Robin, another in a long list of attractive young girls who have been convinced to explore their wild side over at Glory Hole Girlz. We catch up with the sexy teen as she and her partner get themselves situated in one of the video booths of their local adult superstore. Before entering the arcades in the back, Robin spent a bit of time lingering around the front of the store, browsing through toys and DVDs and she couldn’t help notice the stares she got from all of the perverted strangers milling about, every one of them silently hoping she would head back to the glory hole booths for a bit of fun.

The rest of this video can be found here

Once she’s comfortable, Robin strips out of her short summer dress and gets on her knees in the dark booth, peering through the hole and waiting for the man on the other side to feed her his dick. Once he realizes there’s a young girl next door, the anonymous stranger quickly shoves his erect cock through the hole and softly maons in pleasure as he feels her hot, wet mouth slow cover his shaft.

She stokes and sucks until the man releases his load into her mouth, but she doesn’t have much time to savor the feeling, for as soon as the man has left the booth, another takes his place, placing his considerably larger cock through the hole and giving Robin a simple command, ‘suck it slut’. She is more than happy to oblige, getting to work on her second cock of the evening, though certainly not her last.

Co-ed Confession

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This cute young thing is Charlotte, but don’t let her innocent girl next door look fool you – she’s no stranger to sin. After moving away from home for the first time, she let loose in her first year away at college, experiencing many of the sinful pleasures that she her strict Catholic upbringing had denied. With this, however, came some guilt and so on her first visit back home, Charlotte stopped at the church her family attended while she had been growing up and went to give her confession.

Grab the full video here

The parish priest, who had known Charlotte her entire life, couldn’t help but notice the gorgeous young girl as she entered the church, and his cock was already growing rigid under his robes as he took his place in his ‘specially modified’ confessional. As soon as she is done confessing her sins to the horny old priest, he tells her that there is only one method to absolve herself and instructs her to remove the decorative covering on the side of the booth. As she does, Charlotte is nearly hit in the face by the priest’s rock hard cock as it comes through the hole, hovering just inches from her mouth.

Extremely excited by the perverted nature of the entire situation, Charlotte eagerly takes the holy man’s cock into her warm, wet mouth. She simultaneously hikes up her skirt and frees her huge natural tits from her dress so she can stimulate herself at the same time. The idea of being half naked in the middle of church, on her knees with a priest’s cock jammed down her throat is enough to send her quickly over the edge and into a powerful orgasm.

One Sweet Girl 4 Cam

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Here’s another good amateur site that’s probably not widely known, One Sweet Girl 4 Cam. There’s quite a bit of random stuff here, but what’s mainly of interest are the glory hole DVDs featuring Cassie, a cute young girl sucking anonymous cock in some rather seedy looking adult bookstores while her boyfriend films. It looks like they intended to setup a members area at one point, but the site hasn’t been updated in quite awhile. Nevertheless, there are DVDs for sale of Cassie’s glory hole adventures, and they look pretty good.

Here are a couple of short clips we found around the web that appear to be from the site. If you’re interested in more, I would try contacting the site to see if the DVDs are still for sale.

It’s nice to see that this site is still online, unlike a lot of the other great amateurs that have disappeared over the years, though it’s a shame that there is no members area or downloadable videos.