Dogging Lessons

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A quick dogging post to mix things up a bit. For those of you unfaimilar with the concept, dogging is an activity (originating for the most part in the UK), involving public sex with strangers in parks, parking lots and other out of the way places. Dogging Uncovered has probably the best selection of dogging content out there on the web right now. That said, we give you Missy, an enthusiastic slut who gets dressed up in a schoolgirl outfit and heads out to find some doggers to please. She gets on her knees, sucking off multiple guys and lets them fuck her over the hood of a car before swallowing all their loads, one after another. The complete vid this was pulled from can be found at Dogging Uncovered.
Dogging cock sucking with Missy
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Lebanese Gloryhole Girl

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Adding a little exotic flavor to the glory hole scene, brown-eyed, Lebanese
Yasmine shows that Middle Eastern girls know how to work the cocks at the glory holes just as well
as their Western sisters.
She goes to town on every cock that comes through the hole, moaning and telling the guys in the next stall how much she loves sucking their dicks – truly a great scene. The full vid can be found at GloryHoleGirlz.



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Adult Theater Sluts

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From the same group of guys who run GloryHoleGirlz, Theater Sluts shows a different view of the adult bookstore – the backroom theater where girls can go to engage in unrestrained sex with complete strangers in the darkness of the aisles. This Theater Sluts clip features Melissa, a stripper with gorgeous all natural tits who heads into the adult theater late one night after work and encounters a whole group of guys happy to see a horny young girl in their midst. Like a good whore, she gets right to her knees and gets busy, taking load after load all over her face and tits.
Grab more over at



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Housewife Lanka

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Today we’ve got a new girl from GloryholeGirlz, sweet young housewife Lanka who the GHG crew discovered has a bit of a wild side. Her husband likes to send her out to local adult bookstores and theaters to fuck and suck every cock she can find, and then come home to tell him the stories. She gets right down to business at the glory hole, dropping to her knees and sucking off each and every guy who comes through. As always, the pics and videos are up on Gloryhole Girlz.



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Slim Rave Gloryhole Sucker

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Another gloryhole slut from the underground rave scene – this clip features a slim blond haired cutie who finds her way into the ‘special’ stalls at a nightclub and proceeds to get busy with the 2 guys on either side who are in the stalls next door waiting for some relief. You can grab the complete clip along with a bunch of other club and rave gloryhole scenes at RaveGloryhole.


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Jenna Haze Gloryhole Scene

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A very hot piece of gloryhole cinema we’ve got here for you today – Jenna Haze in a gloryhole scene from one of her movies, and though she’s a pornstar and the situation is setup (obviously), it’s without a doubt one of the hottest scenes you’re going to find in the genre. She’s strolling down an alley when she comes across an adult theater, heads inside and into one of the booths and proceeds to get busy with 3 cocks coming through holes on all sides of the booth. We’ve pulled together a few clips here, but you can get the entire scene from Jenna’s site.



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Missy, Sweet Girl Next Door

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Back with a GloryholeGirlz update, today we’ve got Missy. Don’t let the simple, plain, girl-next-door look deceive you – once in the booth Missy gets right to work, topless and down on her knees in front of the gloryhole and doing what she does best. You can find the rest of her pics and videos at Gloryhole Girlz.



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Punk Rock Chick

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Short hair, tatoos and piercings everywhere – Alex isn’t the typical Gloryhole Girlz find, but we are glad they did find her. This punk rock girl was found passing our flyers for a local band when she was talked into a trip to the adult bookstore’s gloryhole booths. Obviously no stranger to cock sucking, she gets right into the action, putting her tounge ring to good use pleasing the numerous cocks that come through the hole. Grab the complete vid over at Gloryhole Girlz.



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Busty Club Girl

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This stunning, big-titted club girl has an amazing rack, an amazing body and to top it all off, oral skills to match. In this clip from RaveGloryhole, she takes on the double gloryholes, not even bothering to get fully undressed while she’s stuffed with cock from both end. As always, find the complete video over @ RaveGloryhole.


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Daily DVD: On A Dogging Mission 2

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On A Dogging Mission 2
Cast: Olivia, Hayley, Carmen, Agnes, Lilly, Emerald, Kinga
The underground doggers are back. Watch these nympho housewives and student sluts sucking strangers in cars and public places. Hayley is one of the girls in search of some Dogging action. We cruise the streets of London in search of a willing Dogger, whilst Hayley hammers her over-excited cunt on the back seat. Does she get cock? Well check it out for yourself!!
Click here for more details on this title.


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Another girl from, this is Tabitha getting her introduction to the gloryhole down at the roadside truck stop. As alway, these clips were pulled from
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