Holey Fuck!

We’ve got some content from a site that we haven’t covered here yet, and it’s a good one. Holey Fuck moves away from the classic adult bookstore setting and features girls working the gloryholes in various public restrooms. The girls are quite attractive, the video quality is great and the site currently has a large number of updates – if you’re into the thought of women sucking anonymous cock in a public bathroom, check it out.

This full video that this preview is from can be watched here

The first scene we’ve got it Ira, a young natural brunette who’s out and about on a weekend when she makes a quick stop at the service station restroom. As she’s getting situated, the station manager (who had observed young Ira entering the bathroom), slides his cock through one of the holes he’s previously cut in the side of the wall for just this purpose.

Some girls immediately run out, but Ira is turned on at the man’s boldness. She slowly grasps his shaft before taking it into her mouth and sliding slowly up and down along the length while she pleasures herself as well. Before long, she’s turned around with the anonymous stranger’s dick deep in her pussy, riding them both to an intense finish.

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