RabbitsCams: The Next Best Thing to a Gloryhole

What is it About Gloryholes?

Well, I imagine that for guys the best part about a gloryhole is the getting-your-cock-sucked part. After that, the second best thing about it is the total anonymity of it all – more than just typical anonymous sex. Not only does the chick, or dude, on the other side of the hole not know who you are but you don’t know who they are either.

I’ve talked about this before, but my experiences with gloryholes have all come at feet bathroom stall gloryholeswinger/sex clubs. Rather than a hole in a random bathroom stall (as is the most common portrayal of gloryholes in porn) what I encountered was a darkened room with a long wall with holes at crotch level every five feet or so along said wall.

On one side of the wall were random women on their knees and on the other side were guys picking holes to put their cocks through. What really excited me about this idea was that you could go get a BJ then continue your evening at the club and never know what babe had sucked you off even if you ended up talking to her at the bar.

The problem is though, that sometimes getting to a gloryhole or even finding one isn’t easy. If you are a guy looking for a guy to suck you off there are a few online resources like Squirt that can help, but finding a gloryhole with a women on the other side is even harder. So, with that in mind I figured I would suggest spending some time with an adult live cam site like Rabbits Cams.

Live Cams

I guess the place to start when discussing live cams is to look at what they bring to the table in comparison to gloryholes. And I guess the most obvious answer is live interaction and anonymity (at least on one side of the “hole”).

Unlike porn movies, live cam play involves interacting with a model/performer live in the moment. She is on her webcam and chatting with you as you chat with her. This isn’t a recorded show. Also, while you can turn on your webcam and go cam2cam, you don’t have to. You can remain completely anonymous to the sexy chick who is getting naked and touching herself all for you!

And hey, if you ever ran into her at a bar you would know who she was but she would never have to know that you have seen her stick a finger up her ass (or whatever it is you wanted to see her do).

Now, obviously, technology hasn’t yet made it possible for us guys to stick our cocks though a computer screen and haveĀ it appear at another location for some babe to suck it. So, the BJ part is one thing live cams can’t provide (although someone has invented a male sucking machine).

Although, when I was on RabbitsCams the other day I found a babe who was able to deepthroat her big dildo, so while she did that I just imagined it was my dick and did my own thing on my end. Some girls even have those dildos that “cum” which means you could time it to happen when you “happen” if you wanted to.

Rabbits Cams

destiny-dixon-blowjob-toyI have experienced quite a few live cam sites in my day and Rabbits Cams is up there with the best of them.

First off the site has a nice, clean look at navigating around is a breeze with all the sorting and filter options. I also liked that hovering my mouse over a chick’s cam thumbnail brought up a little window where I could see her live in her chat room. This meant I had to do less clicking in and out of rooms because I got a quick preview before even deciding to head in or not.

The site also allows the girls to offer “gold shows” which are group shows that you can be a part of for a low cost of a few “gold” (the exact number is set by the performer. Then of course there are private show options that give you 1-on-1 time with the babe of your choosing. And there are lots to choose from.

From recognizable pornstars to sexy amateurs. From skinny babes in Eastern Europe to black girls, chubby babes, busty hotties and tattooed alt chicks, if you have a type she is probably on this cam site!

Besides finding a good looking babe you will also be able to find good-looking video quality as many of the performers look to be using HD cams bringing you a clear image and fluid motion – which is very important to get the most out of the live cam experience.

So, while finding a hole in a wall with someone willing to suck you off on the other side of it isn’t always easy to find. Finding loads of hot chicks on webcams willing to do everything they can to get you off is as easy as going to Rabbits Cams. “Easy” and “good” – two of my favorite words!

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