Gloryhole Hustler Julie

I’ve got to hand it to the guys who run Gloryhole Hustlers, the quality of the girls they’ve been filming for the site is top notch. For those who have seen a good deal of content in this niche, you know that sometimes some of the girls you might find behind a glory hole can be a bit…rough. Not so with Gloryhole Hustlers however, somehow they’re consistently able to convince very attractive young ladies to camp out in seedy adult bookstores and suck off strangers for an entire afternoon.

From Gloryhole Hustlers.

A bunch more images of Julie can be found here
Gloryhole Hustlers Julie

One of the latest is this bubbly young cutie named Julie, who gets right into the spirit of things as soon as they’re setup in the booth. She has an absolutely amazing body, accentuated nicely by the tight green tank top and scandalously short skirt she’s wearing. As is now seemingly the tradition for girls on the site, she takes almost every load right in the mouth, swallowing each load like she’s starving and this is the first meal she’s had in days.

After taking a number of guys (I lost count), she’s gotten herself so horny that when a big cock comes through the hole, she can’t help but back her ass up to the hole and let the lucky guy impale her pussy. Can’t wait to see what girls they bring out next, keep turning out the great videos fellas.

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