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Gloryhole Hustlers continue to roll along with great new videos coming out a couple times a week now, in addition to the live shows that they broadcast the past two weekends. The site allows members to vote on their favorite girls who have appeared on the site and who they’d most like to see back for more anonymous cocksucking, and it seems that Eva here is quickly becoming a fan favorite over there.

From Gloryhole Hustlers

This curvy Latina has quite the talented mouth, combined with a great deal of enthusiasm for her work, sucking, swallowing and smiling the whole time. This video we have today if from Eva’s second appeareance on the site, and features some highlights of the 9 cocks she drained that day. There are a couple of amusing moments in here as well – the first guy who has his cock wrapped up with string like it’s a Christmas present, and Eva’s call from her boyfriend midway through her cocksucking spree.

We’ve been thoroughly impressed with the quality of Gloryhole Hustlers thus far, and we hope to see a lot more of Eva in the near future. We have some additional previews of Eva from this visit that we’ll post up this weekend, so stay tuned.

  1. Alan says:

    I love this stuff, but I’d really like to see more amateur stuff available…… like really amateur stuff not getting paid or anything. Like this blog entry I found

    I hate thinking about people in these things being paid actors. It’s sucha turn off

  2. Fabian says:

    Wow! this lady is awesome! I live in Los Angeles. I have a big Latin Cock. Baby let me know where can I get a Glory Hole with you. YOU ARE FANTASTIC!!

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