Gloryhole Hustler Cameron

Here’s another set from Gloryhole Hustlers, this time featuring a short-haired cutie named Cameron with a great smile and amazing rack. We’ve been covering this site a lot lately but quite frankly, the videos and pics they’ve been putting out are so damn good it’s hard not to. They’re currently putting out updates twice per week, and you’ll be hard pressed to find better quality content in this genre right now. Cameron here has been involved in 2 glory hole trips that the have appeared on the site, but for today we jump ahead to her latest one.

From Gloryhole Hustlers.

You can see more pics of Cameron here
Gloryhole Hustlers Cameron

She takes on every cock that comes through the hole, and doesn’t shy away when the men get ready to cum – she takes every load on her face or in her mouth (and swallows it all of course). By the way she handles herself, it’s clear that this girl knows her way around a cock and it shows in how fast she’s able to get some of these guys off.

It’s great to see her joking around and having a good time while providing a little oral relief to the lucky guys who had the good fortune to be at the porn bookstore this afternoon. From the tattoos and short hair, she has a bit of a bad girl look going on, but from the video she seems to have a great, easy going personality. The booth in the adult bookstore where they happen to be filming this has gloryholes positioned on either side, and at one point there are horny guys waiting on each side to get serviced. And like a true pro, Cameron doesn’t panic – she works on one guy with her mouth while keeping the second pervert hard and ready with her free hand. At one point she even takes a break to head outside for a drink and a little fresh air before returning to the booth for round 2 and a new set of anonymous cocks to get off.

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