Little Black Dress

This sultry little minx is Aslyn, who hooked up with the Gloryhole Girlz crew after hearing about some of their exploits through a friend. Aslyn isn’t exactly what you would call innocent, but before this she wasn’t a slut either. She’d been to adult bookstores before but only to pick out toys or browse through DVDs. She’d never been brave enough to venture into the back where she saw horny perverts vanish into the darkness of the video booths, though she had always been curious about what went on back there.

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Finally ready to expand her horizons a bit, she slips into a slinky black dress and heads to the sex shop just around the corner from where she lives. She’s nervous about running into to someone she might know, but the thought of anonymously sucking the cock of one of her friends or neighbors turns her on even more. She can’t help but notice the looks she gets as she makes her way to the video arcade in the back and almost as soon as she’s got the door closed on her booth, a hard cock is waiting for her from the other side.

Aslyn quickly slips out of her dress and takes the first guy into her mouth, and is surprised when he cums almost immediately. Apparently the thought of this young hot blond sucking on his cock through a glory hole was too much for the poor fellow on the other side. As soon as he leaves, he’s replaced by another pervert and Aslyn begins a long night of sucking load after load out of these horny cocks while she gets off on the dirtiness of it all. She finally makes her way out of the store, tired and happy, ignoring the looks she gets from strangers from the traces of cum still on her face and her dress.

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