Gloryhole Graduate

This cute little 18 year old is a fresh high school graduate, eager to get a little worldy sexual experience before college. Dressed in knee high boots and her shortest black shirt, Katrina heads to the gloryhole booths at the adult bookstore and before her eyes can even adjust to the low light of the booth, a hard cock is sticking through the hole. She wastes no time in getting to her knees and giving one blowjob after another, doing her utmost to take care of every horny stranger who enters the booth next door. After getting her fill of anonymous dicks, she heads back out of the store, enjoying the stares of the men around the store as she passes by with her cum still dripping from her chin.

No fucking in this scene, but Katrina does suck off 4 or 5 guys and swallows them all. The full video can be found over at Glory Hole Girlz.

A few more pics of Katrina at the glory hole:
Katrina from Gloryhole Girlz

Post Info: Katrina, from Gloryhole Girlz

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