Aliah’s Gloryhole Revenge

Delicious little Aliah found herself all dressed up with no place to go one Saturday night, after being stood up for the 3rd time by her boyfriend who had decided to go drinking with his buddies instead. She was now pissed off, horny and looking for revenge, but rather than heading out to the bars to find a guy to hookup with as she had done in the past, she took the more direct route.

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Aliah had been in a sex shop before and had even spent a few minutes in the video booths to see what it was like, but at the time she had been too nervous to try anything. Now, with her inhibitions gone she was looking to pleasure as many men as possible and get her asshole boyfriend off her mind. With a cute short haircut and a slinky black dress, she attracts the kind of attention you’d expect as she heads back to the gloryhole booths and gets herself situated. Within less than a minute she has the first anonymous cock in her mouth and her tongue piercing works wonders as she quickly makes the poor fellow blow his load all over her face and exposed tits.

With the next guy Aliah takes it slow, getting him rock hard before turning around and impaling herself on his cock, driving both of them to a loud orgasm. The guy pulls out, exhausted, but he’s quickly replaced by another horny pervert who shoves his cock through the hole – Aliah’s night is just beginning.

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