A Guilty Conscience

As many Catholics will tell you, guilt, can be a powerful motivator. It compels those with a heavy conscience to attend church, make donations and above all else – attend confession. It’s in the latter that it’s proven to be quite useful for some of the more – shall we say, morally challenged – members of the clergy as an outlet for their pent up sexual urges. And so it is we find ourselves back at Gloryhole Admissions, with some brand new scenes that have just recently been released.

From Gloryhole Admissions

Our lovely young lass today is Vanessa, a cute, college age blonde who heads to confession wearing perhaps not the most appropriate attire – a tight white tube top and a plaid miniskirt that barely covers her firm young ass. As soon as he sees her come in, the priest knows he’s got a potential willing participant to give him a some oral relief, and he immediately sets to work getting her to confess to some of her more recent sexual sins.

Before long, he’s managed to convince dear Vanessa that the only way to absolve herself of her sins is to replay some of them, here in church, before God. He has her remove the cover concealing the hidden glory hole between the confessional booths, and immediately shoves through his throbbing, rock hard cock which is already begging for relief. Our intrepid schoolgirl sinner is a little reluctant at first, but eventually gets to stroking and then sucking the holy man’s cock, becoming more and more aware of the desire building between her own legs.

Eventually, she’s stripped out of her clothes completely, getting a thrill from being fully naked in the middle of church while giving a blowjob to the priest she’s known all her life. The pleasure of feeling her mouth wrapped tightly around his shaft is almost too much for the sexually repressed priest, and he stuggles to control himself as he wants to prolong the experience just a little longer before he fills her mouth with cum…

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