Ms. Lindsay

A new glory hole cock sucker from From Gloryhole Admissions – It’s been a few months since Lindsay’s last confession, and the sin’s she’s committed in that time are weighing heavy on her mind. And so, she finds herself in church one Sunday morning, kneeling in the confessional next to the carefully concealed gloryhole, telling the priest of the dirty, slutty things she’s been up to. Anonymous sex, fucking strangers in public, gang bangs – eventually the stories overwhelm the poor priest and he feeds his rod through the glory hole for some relief. Cute little Lindsay is of course happy to oblige, stripping out of her bra and panties and sucking his dick through the glory hole until her face is covered in cum.

The full length video of this clip, along with many other anonymous gloryhole confessions, can be found at Gloryhole Admissions. We’ve also got some more pictures of Lindsay
Lindsay Meadows sucking cock at the gloryhole

Post Info: Lindsay Meadows, from Gloryhole Admissions

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