A Schoolgirl’s Penance

You know when you think about it, the traditional Catholic schoolgirl outfit is a very curious thing. On the one hand it is supposed to be a symbol of innocence and devotion to eduction and faith. And yet, in popular culture it has become the completely opposite – a uniform for aspiring young sluts and whores everywhere. Not that we’re complaining, mind you. This morning’s post has a delightful clip from Gloryhole Admissions, the site that features young, attractive girls pleasuring their church’s priest through a hidden glory hole in the confessional.

Grab the full video at here

Our schoolgirl slut is Missy, a gorgeous blond with amazing tits who can’t resist touching herself while she confesses to sins of a sexual nature. The priest, having heard her confession, advises her to remove the screen covering the well placed hole and slides his hard cock through so she can offer him some relief, which Missy is all too eager to give. She strips out of her panties but keeps her plaid skirt on as she remains on her knees until the priest has drained his aching balls all over her sweet, innocent face.

Even more schoolgirls sucking their priest in the church confessional can be found here.

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