Not So Innocent

Hayden’s parents had always done their best to ensure their daughter was brought up as a proper Catholic. She attended an all girls school, went to Mass every Sunday and made regular confessions throughout her early years. However, as she got older and entered college, many of the feelings that her upbringing had suppressed began to make their way out.

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Not having an outlet for her urges, Hayden’s mind was always filled with sexual thoughts that lately had begun to get more and more intense. As she sits in the confessional booth seeking advice from her priest, the thoughts are as strong as ever. Sensing her confusion, the perverted old priest on the other side of the wall decides to take advantage of the situation, revealing the carefully concealed gloryhole between the booths and freeing his rock hard cock from his cassock before sliding it through the hole and into Hayden’s view.

She had seen pictures of cocks before, but never this close and never this big, however instinct quickly takes over and before she realizes what she’s doing she’s stroking the rigid shaft while the priest moans his approval from the other side. With a little more coaxing, she takes the old man’s cock into her mouth and her lesson is just beginning.

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