Co-ed Confession

This cute young thing is Charlotte, but don’t let her innocent girl next door look fool you – she’s no stranger to sin. After moving away from home for the first time, she let loose in her first year away at college, experiencing many of the sinful pleasures that she her strict Catholic upbringing had denied. With this, however, came some guilt and so on her first visit back home, Charlotte stopped at the church her family attended while she had been growing up and went to give her confession.

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The parish priest, who had known Charlotte her entire life, couldn’t help but notice the gorgeous young girl as she entered the church, and his cock was already growing rigid under his robes as he took his place in his ‘specially modified’ confessional. As soon as she is done confessing her sins to the horny old priest, he tells her that there is only one method to absolve herself and instructs her to remove the decorative covering on the side of the booth. As she does, Charlotte is nearly hit in the face by the priest’s rock hard cock as it comes through the hole, hovering just inches from her mouth.

Extremely excited by the perverted nature of the entire situation, Charlotte eagerly takes the holy man’s cock into her warm, wet mouth. She simultaneously hikes up her skirt and frees her huge natural tits from her dress so she can stimulate herself at the same time. The idea of being half naked in the middle of church, on her knees with a priest’s cock jammed down her throat is enough to send her quickly over the edge and into a powerful orgasm.

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