Bad Girl At Confession

This tattooed sexpot Vanessa is without question a bad girl, but after making a decision to try to turn her life around she begins by going to confession at her church. As she shares with the priest all of the dirty, nasty acts she’s comitted over the last couple years, she notices some unusual movement behind the screen. After removing it she discovers the hidden glory hole and sees the priest sitting on his side of the booth, stroking his cock as he listens to her confession. Abandoning her attempts to reform herself, Vanessa motions for him to slide his cock through the gloryhole and proceeds to strip out of her own clothes while sucking and jerking the priest’s rod until he gives up his load.

The full length video of this clip can be found at Gloryhole Admissions. You can also find some more pictures of Vanessa here:
Rebel Vanessa Naughty at the Glory Hole

Post Info: Vanessa Naughty, from Gloryhole Admissions

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