Dogging Lessons

A quick dogging post to mix things up a bit. For those of you unfaimilar with the concept, dogging is an activity (originating for the most part in the UK), involving public sex with strangers in parks, parking lots and other out of the way places. Dogging Uncovered has probably the best selection of dogging content out there on the web right now. That said, we give you Missy, an enthusiastic slut who gets dressed up in a schoolgirl outfit and heads out to find some doggers to please. She gets on her knees, sucking off multiple guys and lets them fuck her over the hood of a car before swallowing all their loads, one after another. The complete vid this was pulled from can be found at Dogging Uncovered.
Dogging cock sucking with Missy
Post Info: Missy from Dogging Uncovered

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