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Posted in Gloryhole Princess on April 11th, 2011 by JD – Be the first to comment

Here’s the latest glory hole clip from our favorite new amateur Piper at Gloryhole Princess. Some great amateur content as always, it’s great to see her having such a good time making videos for her site.

In this clip, Piper goes to town on the stranger in the booth next door while taking some time out to service her man as well.

You can find the full video here

Looking for more? Here’s a gallery with a few more shots of Piper’s glory hole adventures.

Gloryhole Princess Adult Bookstore Fun

Posted in Amateurs, Gloryhole Princess on February 19th, 2011 by JD – 2 Comments

Back with a few delicious samples from Gloryhole Princess featuring the lovely Piper doing what she loves at the glory holes. She’s sucking cock in the video booths and even heads out into the open at the adult bookstore to do some flashing and suck off some lucky customers. It’s worth mentioning again that Piper’s stuff is real authentic amateur content, hard to find on the web these days – to see more pics and videos like these visit her at Gloryhole Princess.

Post Info: Piper from Gloryhole Princess

Gloryhole Princess

Posted in Amateurs, Gloryhole Princess on February 10th, 2011 by JD – Be the first to comment

Continuing on with what I guess is now an amateur theme for this week here on the GH Blog, we’ve got a fantastic clip from Piper, the Gloryhole Princess. We mentioned her before awhile back but very briefly – her site features some fantastic gloryhole videos and pics, as well as a ton of stuff involving the other fetishes she enjoys. For Piper this is a hobby (and one hell of a hobby at that), and the enjoyment she gets out of it really makes the videos even more fun to watch.

In this clip, Piper and her man hook up with another horny couple for some great gloryhole / video booth action.

She’s been adding updates to her site on a very regular basis, so check it out.

Actress Info: Piper from Gloryhole Princess


Piper, the Gloryhole Princess

Posted in Amateurs, Gloryhole Princess on November 3rd, 2009 by JD – Be the first to comment
In line with our commitment to bringing you the best gloryhole content from around the web, today we’d like to introduce to you a new true gloryhole amateur – meet Piper, she is the Gloryhole Princess. We could give you our own description of Piper, but we think she does it best:

“My name is Piper. This is not my day job. This is my perversion. My particular nasty perversion is that I like to have sex with strangers in public, especially in Adult Bookstores. It started with Gloryholes. I just wanted dick without a man attached. I didn’t want to have to say hello, I didn’t want to find out wthat they were like. I just wanted to put a Cock in my mouth. I don’t know why but having strange men cum on me or cum looking at my pictures gets me all wet.”

With the closure of sites like WhenIFeelNaughty, Charlee’s Pics and Kelly 38D, true amateur gloryhole content is getting harder and harder to find, but Gloryhole Princess delivers. Her site features some great gloryhole and adult bookstore material, as well as branching out into other niches including public sex and cum play. Oh and did I mention she does member requests as well? There, now you have absolutely no reason not to check this site out.

You can find a gallery of some of her gloryhole and adult bookstore stuff here and be sure to join her Yahoo group as well.

Piper the Gloryhole Princess in an adult bookstoreGloryhole princess sucking cock in an adult theater booth

Gloryhole princess sucking two cocks at the gloryhole