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Perky Teen Slut

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This perky young cutie is Robin, another in a long list of attractive young girls who have been convinced to explore their wild side over at Glory Hole Girlz. We catch up with the sexy teen as she and her partner get themselves situated in one of the video booths of their local adult superstore. Before entering the arcades in the back, Robin spent a bit of time lingering around the front of the store, browsing through toys and DVDs and she couldn’t help notice the stares she got from all of the perverted strangers milling about, every one of them silently hoping she would head back to the glory hole booths for a bit of fun.

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Once she’s comfortable, Robin strips out of her short summer dress and gets on her knees in the dark booth, peering through the hole and waiting for the man on the other side to feed her his dick. Once he realizes there’s a young girl next door, the anonymous stranger quickly shoves his erect cock through the hole and softly maons in pleasure as he feels her hot, wet mouth slow cover his shaft.

She stokes and sucks until the man releases his load into her mouth, but she doesn’t have much time to savor the feeling, for as soon as the man has left the booth, another takes his place, placing his considerably larger cock through the hole and giving Robin a simple command, ‘suck it slut’. She is more than happy to oblige, getting to work on her second cock of the evening, though certainly not her last.

Anonymous Fuck Slut

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Being young is a time for sexual experimentation, and Sanya completely embraced this philosophy from the moment she turned 18. While some girls dread being labeled a slut, Sanya relished it. The idea that she was nothing but a fuck toy, built to pleasure men made her unbelievably horny. It’s no wonder then that she was a natural fit for the seedy world of sex shops and porn theaters, where the cute teenager could often be found late at night indulging her lust.

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On this particular night, Sanya enters an adult bookstore she has frequented before and heads to her favorite glory hole booth, delighting as she notices the men around the store trying to hide their growing erections as they watch her walk in. Once situated inside the dirty stall, she strips off her clothes to reveal her young, natural body and beckons for the first man to slide his cock through the hole.

The stranger eagerly complies, groaning with pleasure as he feels Sanya’s hot, wet mouth wrap around his shaft and sink all the way to the bottom. Being an anonymous cocksucker had its benefits, and Sanya had become an expert at getting a man off with her mouth, able to extend her blowjobs until the poor fellow can’t stand it anymore and fires a massive load down her waiting throat.

Party Girl

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Tiny little Ava here is the last person you’d expect to find in the video booths of a seedy sex shop, yet that’s where the little 18 year old minx found herself after a night of partying with friends. At the club Ava had been talking with a friend of a friend who told her stories about what occurs in some of the more seedy adult bookstores around town. By the end of the night, having not had any luck finding a suitable guy to go home with and fuck, Ava decides to take him up on his offer and heads out to a back alley porn shop just around the corner.

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Once she’s inside the booths in the back, Ava gets into the spirit by stripping out of her pink tube top and short cutoff jeans until she’s completely naked, loving the feeling of being completely exposed around all these strangers. She signals the guy next door to stick his cock through the glory hole, which he readily does and she immediately engulfs it in her hot wet mouth, giving the lucky fellow a blowjob he’ll never forget. Before long, hours have passed with Ava still on her knees, servicing the long line of hard cocks that keep coming through the hole.

Ava’s video comes courtesy of Glory Hole Girlz, where you can find dozens upon dozens of other girls sucking anonymous cock through the glory hole.

Aliah’s Gloryhole Revenge

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Delicious little Aliah found herself all dressed up with no place to go one Saturday night, after being stood up for the 3rd time by her boyfriend who had decided to go drinking with his buddies instead. She was now pissed off, horny and looking for revenge, but rather than heading out to the bars to find a guy to hookup with as she had done in the past, she took the more direct route.

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Aliah had been in a sex shop before and had even spent a few minutes in the video booths to see what it was like, but at the time she had been too nervous to try anything. Now, with her inhibitions gone she was looking to pleasure as many men as possible and get her asshole boyfriend off her mind. With a cute short haircut and a slinky black dress, she attracts the kind of attention you’d expect as she heads back to the gloryhole booths and gets herself situated. Within less than a minute she has the first anonymous cock in her mouth and her tongue piercing works wonders as she quickly makes the poor fellow blow his load all over her face and exposed tits.

With the next guy Aliah takes it slow, getting him rock hard before turning around and impaling herself on his cock, driving both of them to a loud orgasm. The guy pulls out, exhausted, but he’s quickly replaced by another horny pervert who shoves his cock through the hole – Aliah’s night is just beginning.

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Little Black Dress

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This sultry little minx is Aslyn, who hooked up with the Gloryhole Girlz crew after hearing about some of their exploits through a friend. Aslyn isn’t exactly what you would call innocent, but before this she wasn’t a slut either. She’d been to adult bookstores before but only to pick out toys or browse through DVDs. She’d never been brave enough to venture into the back where she saw horny perverts vanish into the darkness of the video booths, though she had always been curious about what went on back there.

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Finally ready to expand her horizons a bit, she slips into a slinky black dress and heads to the sex shop just around the corner from where she lives. She’s nervous about running into to someone she might know, but the thought of anonymously sucking the cock of one of her friends or neighbors turns her on even more. She can’t help but notice the looks she gets as she makes her way to the video arcade in the back and almost as soon as she’s got the door closed on her booth, a hard cock is waiting for her from the other side.

Aslyn quickly slips out of her dress and takes the first guy into her mouth, and is surprised when he cums almost immediately. Apparently the thought of this young hot blond sucking on his cock through a glory hole was too much for the poor fellow on the other side. As soon as he leaves, he’s replaced by another pervert and Aslyn begins a long night of sucking load after load out of these horny cocks while she gets off on the dirtiness of it all. She finally makes her way out of the store, tired and happy, ignoring the looks she gets from strangers from the traces of cum still on her face and her dress.

Be My Valentine

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Here’s a late Valentine’s day special from Gloryhole Girlz. This is Toni, a cute exotic little thing who was dumped by her boyfriend a few days before Valentine’s day. Looking for some revenge (and some release), she hooked up with the Gloryhole Girlz crew and offered to let them film her at the local adult bookstore while she sucked and serviced any willing guys who happened to be lucky enough to be there at the same time. The number of girls and amazing glory hole scenes at Gloryhole Girlz continues to grow and this is another great addition.

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Toni from GloryholeGirlz

Actress Info: Toni from Glory Hole Girlz

Gloryhole Cheer

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18 year old Amber here shows up for her first gloryhole experience after coming straight from cheer practice, still wearing her uniform and looking cute as ever. Once she’s out of her uniform and down on her knees, it takes no time for her to get right into the action, doing her best to suck off the long line of strangers that have congregated once they knew a young cheerleader was in the booth. This is a great clip with an absolutely gorgeous young girl, definitely worth a look.

This scene comes from Gloryhole Girlz, check them out for the rest of Amber’s first glory hole visit.

Gloryhole cheerleader Amber

Actress Info: Amber from Glory Hole Girlz

Slut for Anonymous Cock

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This gorgeous, curvy brunette comes to us courtesy of Glory Hole Girlz, who have been producing some fantastic gloryhole videos for quite some time now. Our lovely girl today is Lexy, who’s at the gloryholes for the first time but proves to be a most enthusiasiastic student, getting right into the action as the first cock comes through the hole. She takes on all cummers, white, black, large or small and is clearly delighted when they reward her with a load all over her face.

Here are a few more clips of Lexy at the glory hole:

Lexy sucking cock at the gloryhole

Actress Info: Lexy from Glory Hole Girlz

Gloryhole Graduate

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This cute little 18 year old is a fresh high school graduate, eager to get a little worldy sexual experience before college. Dressed in knee high boots and her shortest black shirt, Katrina heads to the gloryhole booths at the adult bookstore and before her eyes can even adjust to the low light of the booth, a hard cock is sticking through the hole. She wastes no time in getting to her knees and giving one blowjob after another, doing her utmost to take care of every horny stranger who enters the booth next door. After getting her fill of anonymous dicks, she heads back out of the store, enjoying the stares of the men around the store as she passes by with her cum still dripping from her chin.

No fucking in this scene, but Katrina does suck off 4 or 5 guys and swallows them all. The full video can be found over at Glory Hole Girlz.

A few more pics of Katrina at the glory hole:
Katrina from Gloryhole Girlz

Post Info: Katrina, from Gloryhole Girlz

Busty Glory Hole Beauty

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Another fine addition from Gloryhole Girlz, Saiya is a gorgeouos, busty 21 year old fuck slut who is quite advanced sexually, but has never been in an adult bookstore before, much less a gloryhole booth. Initially she’s a bit nervous seeing the horny pervers lingering around the booths hoping for a chance to get their dicks sucked by this sweet young thing, but she relaxes once she’s in the booth and the first in a long line of cocks comes through the glory hole. Saiya sucks them off one by one, jerking each stranger’s load all over her ample tits.

Below we’ve collected a few pics of Saiya’s gloryhole experience – there’s a short clip of her here, and the full video can be found at GloryholeGirlz.

Post Info: Saiya, from GloryholeGirlz


Wild Gloryhole Slut

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Trina here was looking for some anonymous, no strings attached sex, so the local gloryhole was a perfect stop for her. This wild girl sucks her way through the long line of cocks that come through the hole, taking each load in her mouth. The last lucky guy gets to fuck her tight pussy and blows his load right inside of her. The rest of this glory hole video can be had over at GloryholeGirlz.

For your viewing pleasure, a few more pics of Trina at the glory hole:
Gloryhole slut Trina from Gloryhole Girlz

Post Info: Trina, from GloryholeGirlz