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A Guilty Conscience

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As many Catholics will tell you, guilt, can be a powerful motivator. It compels those with a heavy conscience to attend church, make donations and above all else – attend confession. It’s in the latter that it’s proven to be quite useful for some of the more – shall we say, morally challenged – members of the clergy as an outlet for their pent up sexual urges. And so it is we find ourselves back at Gloryhole Admissions, with some brand new scenes that have just recently been released.

From Gloryhole Admissions

Our lovely young lass today is Vanessa, a cute, college age blonde who heads to confession wearing perhaps not the most appropriate attire – a tight white tube top and a plaid miniskirt that barely covers her firm young ass. As soon as he sees her come in, the priest knows he’s got a potential willing participant to give him a some oral relief, and he immediately sets to work getting her to confess to some of her more recent sexual sins.

Before long, he’s managed to convince dear Vanessa that the only way to absolve herself of her sins is to replay some of them, here in church, before God. He has her remove the cover concealing the hidden glory hole between the confessional booths, and immediately shoves through his throbbing, rock hard cock which is already begging for relief. Our intrepid schoolgirl sinner is a little reluctant at first, but eventually gets to stroking and then sucking the holy man’s cock, becoming more and more aware of the desire building between her own legs.

Eventually, she’s stripped out of her clothes completely, getting a thrill from being fully naked in the middle of church while giving a blowjob to the priest she’s known all her life. The pleasure of feeling her mouth wrapped tightly around his shaft is almost too much for the sexually repressed priest, and he stuggles to control himself as he wants to prolong the experience just a little longer before he fills her mouth with cum…

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Co-ed Confession

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This cute young thing is Charlotte, but don’t let her innocent girl next door look fool you – she’s no stranger to sin. After moving away from home for the first time, she let loose in her first year away at college, experiencing many of the sinful pleasures that she her strict Catholic upbringing had denied. With this, however, came some guilt and so on her first visit back home, Charlotte stopped at the church her family attended while she had been growing up and went to give her confession.

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The parish priest, who had known Charlotte her entire life, couldn’t help but notice the gorgeous young girl as she entered the church, and his cock was already growing rigid under his robes as he took his place in his ‘specially modified’ confessional. As soon as she is done confessing her sins to the horny old priest, he tells her that there is only one method to absolve herself and instructs her to remove the decorative covering on the side of the booth. As she does, Charlotte is nearly hit in the face by the priest’s rock hard cock as it comes through the hole, hovering just inches from her mouth.

Extremely excited by the perverted nature of the entire situation, Charlotte eagerly takes the holy man’s cock into her warm, wet mouth. She simultaneously hikes up her skirt and frees her huge natural tits from her dress so she can stimulate herself at the same time. The idea of being half naked in the middle of church, on her knees with a priest’s cock jammed down her throat is enough to send her quickly over the edge and into a powerful orgasm.

A Schoolgirl’s Penance

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You know when you think about it, the traditional Catholic schoolgirl outfit is a very curious thing. On the one hand it is supposed to be a symbol of innocence and devotion to eduction and faith. And yet, in popular culture it has become the completely opposite – a uniform for aspiring young sluts and whores everywhere. Not that we’re complaining, mind you. This morning’s post has a delightful clip from Gloryhole Admissions, the site that features young, attractive girls pleasuring their church’s priest through a hidden glory hole in the confessional.

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Our schoolgirl slut is Missy, a gorgeous blond with amazing tits who can’t resist touching herself while she confesses to sins of a sexual nature. The priest, having heard her confession, advises her to remove the screen covering the well placed hole and slides his hard cock through so she can offer him some relief, which Missy is all too eager to give. She strips out of her panties but keeps her plaid skirt on as she remains on her knees until the priest has drained his aching balls all over her sweet, innocent face.

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Not So Innocent

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Hayden’s parents had always done their best to ensure their daughter was brought up as a proper Catholic. She attended an all girls school, went to Mass every Sunday and made regular confessions throughout her early years. However, as she got older and entered college, many of the feelings that her upbringing had suppressed began to make their way out.

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Not having an outlet for her urges, Hayden’s mind was always filled with sexual thoughts that lately had begun to get more and more intense. As she sits in the confessional booth seeking advice from her priest, the thoughts are as strong as ever. Sensing her confusion, the perverted old priest on the other side of the wall decides to take advantage of the situation, revealing the carefully concealed gloryhole between the booths and freeing his rock hard cock from his cassock before sliding it through the hole and into Hayden’s view.

She had seen pictures of cocks before, but never this close and never this big, however instinct quickly takes over and before she realizes what she’s doing she’s stroking the rigid shaft while the priest moans his approval from the other side. With a little more coaxing, she takes the old man’s cock into her mouth and her lesson is just beginning.

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Sins of a MILF

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Back to our favorite scandalous church with another confessional scene, this time with a smoking hot MILF rather than a young Catholic schoolgirl. Mellanie here is a bored young mom who had the misfortune of marrying a husband more devoted to his job than to her. After an adulterous afternoon fuck with her handsome young gardner, her guilty conscience has her heading to her church to confess her sins to the priest. It’s been awhile since she’s been to confession however and my how things have changed at this particular church.

See the complete video of Mellanie at Gloryhole Admissions

After getting settled, Mellanie begins telling the priest the details of what she has done, managing to get herself more and more excited in the process. As she’s trying hard to keep her mind on her story and to ignore the wetness forming in her own panties, she notices movement and increasingly heavy breathing from the figure on the other side of the screen. She asks the father if he’s alright and he instructs her to remove the panel covering the hole between the booths so she can completey atone for her sins. Before she realizes what’s happening, the priest’s huge rock hard cock comes through the glory hole and Mellanie hears just 2 words: “suck it”.

Normally she would be put off by such lewd behavior, but the thought of sucking off a priest in the middle of church, combined with her excitement from her own story has her so worked up that she gets to her knees and starts sucking without hesitation. Before long she’s half out of her dress while she does her best to give the priest the relief he so desperately needs.

Mellanie Monroe gives a fantastic performance in this scene from Glory Hole Admissions, with some hot no-hands cock sucking on a huge cock that she handles like a pro.

Like A Good Catholic Girl

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In this clip from Glory Hole Admissions, sultry Catholic girl Alison has stopped off for a quick confession at her church after a weekend of partying and some ‘sins’ she’s feeling guilty about. After revealing her escapades and getting the priest on the other side quite worked up, he convinces her to remove the decorative cover disguising the glory hole so he can slide his now rock hard cock through to get some relief. And of course, being a good Catholic girl, Alison is only all too happy to oblige.

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Obscene Gloryhole Confession

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This morning we’ve got another smoking hot clip from Gloryhole Admissions, which has been a bit of a fan favorite around here lately. The beautiful, hot young Katie St. Ives, wearing what can best be described as a creative interpretation of the traditional schoolgirl uniform, is headed to confession like a good Catholic girl. The priest, however, has other ideas and before long he has her stripping out of her panties and showing off her perfect natural tits before she gets down to business sucking the cock that’s come through the hidden gloryhole.

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Gloryhole fun with Schoolgirl Katie St. Ives

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Bad Girl At Confession

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This tattooed sexpot Vanessa is without question a bad girl, but after making a decision to try to turn her life around she begins by going to confession at her church. As she shares with the priest all of the dirty, nasty acts she’s comitted over the last couple years, she notices some unusual movement behind the screen. After removing it she discovers the hidden glory hole and sees the priest sitting on his side of the booth, stroking his cock as he listens to her confession. Abandoning her attempts to reform herself, Vanessa motions for him to slide his cock through the gloryhole and proceeds to strip out of her own clothes while sucking and jerking the priest’s rod until he gives up his load.

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Rebel Vanessa Naughty at the Glory Hole

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Ms. Lindsay

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A new glory hole cock sucker from From Gloryhole Admissions – It’s been a few months since Lindsay’s last confession, and the sin’s she’s committed in that time are weighing heavy on her mind. And so, she finds herself in church one Sunday morning, kneeling in the confessional next to the carefully concealed gloryhole, telling the priest of the dirty, slutty things she’s been up to. Anonymous sex, fucking strangers in public, gang bangs – eventually the stories overwhelm the poor priest and he feeds his rod through the glory hole for some relief. Cute little Lindsay is of course happy to oblige, stripping out of her bra and panties and sucking his dick through the glory hole until her face is covered in cum.

The full length video of this clip, along with many other anonymous gloryhole confessions, can be found at Gloryhole Admissions. We’ve also got some more pictures of Lindsay
Lindsay Meadows sucking cock at the gloryhole

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A Working Lunch

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Isis here is a sexy little business woman who stops off for her monthly confession during a lunch break on a busy work day. She had been turned on all morning, and gets even hotter as she makes her confession, reliving each sinful moment. Pretty soon she peers through the screen and sees the priest on the other side of the glory hole has his cock out. Unable to control herself any longer, she strips down and urges the holy man to slide his dick through the gloryhole so she can relieve him, fingering herself in the process.

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Gloryhole action with Isis Taylor

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Gloryhole Schoolgirl

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From Gloryhole AdmissionsKatie came to the confessional seeking some guidance, dressed in a cute plaid skirt, knee socks and a tight white bare midriff shirt with plenty of cleavage. Such an outfit would make even the most chaste man have impure thoughts, and the priest on the other side of the booth was no different. Giving in to desire, he ordered Katie to remove her top and expose her huge, natural tits while he slid his cock through the gloryhole and let her have at it.

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Katie and her huge tits at the gloryhole

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