Adult Theater Fun – Glory Hole Mix

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We’ve talked a lot about Gloryhole Hustlers lately, as it’s the new kid on the scene and so far it’s showing a lot of potential towards becoming one of the best amateur glory hole sites on the web. However, we don’t want to leave out Adult Theater Fun, which is still unsurpassed when it comes to amateur, user-submitted glory hole and adult theater videos and images.

Here are a sampling of some additional pics submitted by Adult Theater Fun members, showing wives and girlfriends have a little anonymous fun with strangers in various adult bookstores across the country. Some of the faces are blurred, but to us that just makes it all the more illicit, especially when you see the images of the women who are confident enough in their inner slut that they didn’t opt to hide their identity. Who knows, browsing through their user section, you might even come across someone you know in your neighborhood.

From Adult Theater Fun.

There’s a little bit for everyone in this selection – some big cocks, some interracial, some sluts playing with strangers up close and personal in the video booths and of course, plenty of glory hole fun. All of these images are from complete sets, which you can find along with many, many more over at Adult Theater Fun.

Amateur Cumslut Natalie K

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We have a brand new amateur gloryhole site to cover today, this one all the way from the UK. My Glory Hole Confessions is the site of amateur cumslut Natalie K, a hot wife who documents her various sexual adventures on the 6 sites in the Arse with Class network.

From My Glory Hole Confessions

The glory hole that she and her husband have setup is homemade, and they invite over men to get sucked and fucked by Natalie through the hole. While it isn’t the traditional adult bookstore setting with complete strangers, it’s still pretty damn hot, watching her anonymously pleasure these men while her husband watches and films. There’s quite a bit of variety in terms of setup of the various videos – single guys, 2 or 3 cocks at once, big cocks, black cocks and lots of Natalie backing her ass up to the wall to let the guys fuck her pussy through the hole.

She loves getting guys off, and seems to take pride in her ability to drain the cum out of these guys over and over. In addition, as mentioned earlier, Natalie is from the UK and that British accent can be damn sexy if that’s your thing.

If you’re interested, you can check out a couple more sample galleries here and here. In addition to the gloryhole site, membership gets you access to her dogging, gangbang, bukkake, girl on girl sites and more – a pretty damn good deal.

One Sweet Girl 4 Cam

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Here’s another good amateur site that’s probably not widely known, One Sweet Girl 4 Cam. There’s quite a bit of random stuff here, but what’s mainly of interest are the glory hole DVDs featuring Cassie, a cute young girl sucking anonymous cock in some rather seedy looking adult bookstores while her boyfriend films. It looks like they intended to setup a members area at one point, but the site hasn’t been updated in quite awhile. Nevertheless, there are DVDs for sale of Cassie’s glory hole adventures, and they look pretty good.

Here are a couple of short clips we found around the web that appear to be from the site. If you’re interested in more, I would try contacting the site to see if the DVDs are still for sale.

It’s nice to see that this site is still online, unlike a lot of the other great amateurs that have disappeared over the years, though it’s a shame that there is no members area or downloadable videos.

Amateur Stacy

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Here’s another good amateur clip from Gloryhole City, this one with Stacy, a beautiful girl who knows how to work the hole. While some other customers look on from outside the booth, she expertly sucks the thick cock that belongs to the anonymous stranger on the other side of the wall. Eventually as she gets more comfortable she slips out of her top and bra, loving the feeling of being exposed in the middle of a seedy adult bookstore surrounded by all these perverts.

The rest of Stacy’s video is here

More fantastic amateur glory hole and adult theater videos can be found here

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Easy Virtue was another amateur site that popped up around 2003 that has since unfortunately disappeared from the web. Like When I Feel Naughty and Charlee’s Pics, Easy Virtue had some amazing amateur adult theater and gloryhole content. The site featured Kalyx, a cute, hot, uninhibited 18-19 year old girl who was filmed by her boyfriend fucking and sucking pretty much anyone who was willing.

Judging by what we find on the snapshot of the site from 2004, themes included exhibitionism, gang bangs/group sex, interracial and of course, lots of anonymous glory hole and porn cinema action. Below are a couple short clips we managed to find from their adult theater adventures.

Easy Virtue has been offline for years now, but if anyone still has some of their videos laying around, let us know, it’d be a shame for it to be lost to the Internet forever. If you enjoy this kind of authentic, amateur glory hole / adult theater content, check out Cum Drinking Wife and other amateurs we’ve covered.

Amateur Mary

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Today we’ve got another clip from Gloryhole City’s excellent amateur collection, the lovely Mary. For those who don’t know a bit of the back story, Mary has been famous for years for producing some of the best amateur glory hole videos currently available on the web. This particular video features Mary in the video booth, doing what she does best while her husband films the action.

The full version of this clip, as well as many more of Mary’s videos can be found at Gloryhole City

She sucks off a number of guys, taking their loads through the hole before inviting one lucky guy into the booth to get a little more up close and personal. After getting him hard with a nice blowjob, Mary bends her over and lets him fuck her doggy style before he blows his load deep inside her pussy. If you’re a fan of geninue amateur glory hole videos, Gloryhole City does not disappoint.

Miss Naughty Alysha

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Naughty Alysha is without question one of the most enthusiastic (and hottest) amateurs in this genre active on the web at the moment. We’ve featured clips from a few of her videos in the past and this one is just as hot. She gives one hell of a noisy, wet blowjob to one hard cock after another and seems to be enjoying every single second of it. And of course, in this clip Alysha is as sexy as always, I can’t even imagine what’s going through the minds of the adult bookstore customers when they see her walk through the store to the glory hole booths. Her site features a lot of other fetishes, but there’s plenty of glory hole and adult theater fun in there as well.

The full version of the clip below can be found here.

Post Info: Alysha from Naughty Alysha

Amateur Gloryhole Excellence

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A new glory hole clip for you this morning from Marion, superslut and star of Cum Drinking Wife. In this video, she’s got on a sexy red corset and black lace stockings while she and her husband get comfortable in the video booth and they get ready to film her fucking and sucking a long line of guys. Marion is without a doubt one of the hottest true amateur glory hole girls on the web today and we love it when she shares the fun with us.

Check out her site for the full, unedited version of this clip as well as tons more of her glory hole and adult theater videos.

Post Info: Marion from Cum Drinking Wife

From The Other Side

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This here is Nancy, one of the amateur contributors to Adult Theater Fun and in this clip we see some of her adult bookstore play from a slightly different angle. Nancy has a few videos with her doing the usual glory hole thing but in this clip she decided to invite a guy into her video booth to get a little more hands on while her husband went around to the booth next store to film them through the hole. Not your usual glory hole perspective but pretty damn hot nonetheless.

Nancy is just one of the dozens of amateur contributors over at Adult Theater Fun making them one of the best sites on the web for real amateur glory hole and adult theater videos, you’ll want to check them out.

Actress Info: Amateur Nancy from Adult Theater Fun

Gloryhole Princess Adult Bookstore Fun

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Back with a few delicious samples from Gloryhole Princess featuring the lovely Piper doing what she loves at the glory holes. She’s sucking cock in the video booths and even heads out into the open at the adult bookstore to do some flashing and suck off some lucky customers. It’s worth mentioning again that Piper’s stuff is real authentic amateur content, hard to find on the web these days – to see more pics and videos like these visit her at Gloryhole Princess.

Post Info: Piper from Gloryhole Princess

Private Gloryhole

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Another great gloryhole clip today from Adult Theater Fun. In it we have Rose, a horny young wife looking to satisfy some of her urges at a private gloryhole setup. She gives a superb messy blowjob until the lucky young man on the other side of the wall moans in pleasure and releases his load into her eager mouth. More of Rose’s videos, as well as the full version of the clip here can be found at Adult Theater Fun.

Actress Info: Rose from Adult Theater Fun