One Sweet Girl 4 Cam

Here’s another good amateur site that’s probably not widely known, One Sweet Girl 4 Cam. There’s quite a bit of random stuff here, but what’s mainly of interest are the glory hole DVDs featuring Cassie, a cute young girl sucking anonymous cock in some rather seedy looking adult bookstores while her boyfriend films. It looks like they intended to setup a members area at one point, but the site hasn’t been updated in quite awhile. Nevertheless, there are DVDs for sale of Cassie’s glory hole adventures, and they look pretty good.

Here are a couple of short clips we found around the web that appear to be from the site. If you’re interested in more, I would try contacting the site to see if the DVDs are still for sale.

It’s nice to see that this site is still online, unlike a lot of the other great amateurs that have disappeared over the years, though it’s a shame that there is no members area or downloadable videos.

  1. Terilyn Bardot says:

    Oh man, watching this little whore suck strange men off in adult arcades is SO fuckin SEXY! I really identify with this little tramp because I’m a ladyboy and I do the same thing here in Providence, RI, although usually the men are right in the booth with me. A lot of men like to fuck me after I blow them. I feel like a real loser when I’m kneeling on the filthy floor in nothing but a pair of high heels, sucking stranger’s cocks, or when they have me kneel on the bench with my bare ass cocked up, and they fuck the shit out of me, then have me lick them clean after they pull out. Some guys even piss in my mouth! Do you know how low that makes me feel?

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