Multi-Orgasmic Mary

Multi-Orgasmic Mary is well known gloryhole amateur who somehow we’ve never mentioned before on this blog (until now that is). Like Robin from WhenIFeelNaughty and Charlee, Mary’s videos are about as real as it gets – Mary, on her knees in an adult bookstore sucking and fucking absolute strangers while her husband encourages it. She never setup a site, however videos of Mary’s glory hole activities can be found on Gloryhole City, which also features content from a number of other amateur gloryhole girls.

This is a short clip from one of Mary’s movies – look for the rest at Gloryhole City.

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  1. Multi-Orgasmic Mary says:

    Hey Babe,,,I have to admit being a little surprised myself. I see you give me credit for being well known, I appreciate it, but allow me to give you a little basis for claiming that. I started at the Glory Holes in Orlando, Florida back in `84. In `91 I moved to Portland, Oregon,,,time passed and by `99 I was cruisin the newsgroups and came across two Glory Hole videos, one was an elderly overweight blonde and the other was an attractive brunette (the video was real grainy though), the first one cost $80.00 and ran 45 mins. The second was $60.00 and ran for 30 mins. I thought to myself “I can do better than that”,,,so I did. I released my video for $50.00 and it ran 1:10 mins. Then I had to promote it, so I posted some vidcaps on Carol Cox’s site “Pink Rose” I think it was, I also had some sites selling them for me, Bronxtails, Reel Dirty, SexyCouple to name a few. Suddenly the was a site called Glory Hole City (good people really), then Glory Hole Girz,,,then Carol Cox came out with a video, then Raven (hot pink hair), informed me she would no longer be selling my videos and ended our association. Strangely enough she came out with a GH video shortly after that. Before you know it even freakin Ron Jeremy made one. Charlee actually lives in my town and made her videos in some of the same stores I did, in fact at one time we used to communicate our intentions and locations so as not to ruin each others outings. After I made my 4th video I asked her if she wanted to collaborate on a joint venture and she informed me she was moving on to something else, so I made my 5th and then closed the books on it. That being said, I’m not just “well known”,,,I am by most measures, argueably the woman who kick started the whole deal. Strangely enough, although I didn’t invent interracial sex, I pretty much did the same thing with the “Interracial Cuckold” genre. Oh,,,even though I didn’t make any videos about it, and most people think the Brits invented “Dogging”, I was doing that in `84 also, except we just called it screwin strangers in the park, LOL.

    Love, M ; )~

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