Amateur Cumslut Natalie K

We have a brand new amateur gloryhole site to cover today, this one all the way from the UK. My Glory Hole Confessions is the site of amateur cumslut Natalie K, a hot wife who documents her various sexual adventures on the 6 sites in the Arse with Class network.

From My Glory Hole Confessions

The glory hole that she and her husband have setup is homemade, and they invite over men to get sucked and fucked by Natalie through the hole. While it isn’t the traditional adult bookstore setting with complete strangers, it’s still pretty damn hot, watching her anonymously pleasure these men while her husband watches and films. There’s quite a bit of variety in terms of setup of the various videos – single guys, 2 or 3 cocks at once, big cocks, black cocks and lots of Natalie backing her ass up to the wall to let the guys fuck her pussy through the hole.

She loves getting guys off, and seems to take pride in her ability to drain the cum out of these guys over and over. In addition, as mentioned earlier, Natalie is from the UK and that British accent can be damn sexy if that’s your thing.

If you’re interested, you can check out a couple more sample galleries here and here. In addition to the gloryhole site, membership gets you access to her dogging, gangbang, bukkake, girl on girl sites and more – a pretty damn good deal.

  1. Perfect9incher says:

    Yeah yeah yeah, blah blah blah….. The problem with this trailer-trash-looking whore, is that she seems less than interested, and the dead look in her eyes is a thorough turn-off. The three cock sessions could be hot if they were much bigger white cocks, but if u enjoy settling for the same old stuff, this is surely right up your alley.

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