Red Head Theater Teen

Another teen captured on film getting it on with strangers in an adult theater, this Theater Sluts update features 19 year old Nikki, a dirty little slut who is no stranger to the adult bookstore, even at her young age. She gets into the theater, gets naked and in no time has a long line of cocks ready to be pleased. Like any good multi-tasker, Nikki sucks, strokes and fucks all at the same time, taking loads in her mouth, in her pussy and all over her face. When she finally exits the theater, her clothes are a mess and her body is plastered with cum, but you can bet she’ll be back.

This clip of Nikki is from Theater Sluts, where you can find the rest of the video as well as many others.

Post Info: Nikki, from Theater Sluts
  1. Samaria says:

    I’m sure you band of sexual hooligans (especially the old redneck on the left) have been on the Jerry Springer Show before.

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