Real Amateur Gloryhole Goldmine

The last time we highlighted Adult Theater Fun was over 3 years ago, and their content was incredible even then but over the last few years it’s been built up into something truly impressive. Unlike a few of the other sites we feature here, none of the the content is professionally produced. Certainly the professional gloryhole scenes have their place, as the girls are usually quite attractive and the scenes well shot and well lit, which can make for a nice fantasy setting. More often than not, however, individuals who enjoy the gloryhole/adult theater genre are drawn to the true anonymous, dirty feel of genuine amateur content. And it’s in this respect that Adult Theater Fun stands above all the rest – it’s all amateur, largely user-submitted stuff that’s shot in real locations with real strangers. For seekers of authentic, amateur gloryhole and adult theater content, Adult Theater Fun is unmatched.

We’ve got quite a bit of samples to show you, but we’ll start off today with a fit red haired amateur going to town on an anonymous cock at her local adult bookstore.

Much, much more can be found here.

Post Info: Amateur Jen from Adult Theater Fun


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