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Hailey and her Amazing Rack

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It’s a shame Hailey here has opted for some anonymous sex through a glory hole, as the guy on the other side will never get a chance to look at her absolutely amazing body or stunning tits while she sucks him off. Although I suppose having those lips wrapped around your cock is not too bad either. The way she keeps that purple dress on while she gets nasty in this gas station bathroom makes it all the more titillating.

This hot scene is from Huge Cock Glory Holes, which has dozens of gorgeous girls like Hailey getting all they can handle in fitting room and gas station glory holes. For the rest of Hailey’s scene, check here.

Post Info: Hailey from Huge Cock Glory Holes


Slim Adult Theater Slut

Posted in Adult Theater, Theater Sluts on February 27th, 2011 by JD – 1 Comment

This update comes from Theater Sluts, the sister site to Gloryhole Girlz that features nothing but adult theater gangbangs with beautiful girls getting used by groups of strangers in the darkness of the porn cinema. This slim blond slut is Carla, an innocent country girl who is new in town and looking for a little big city excitement. She finds it at the local porn theater, where she quickly overcomes her nervousness and lets every single lucky guy in the theater use her body for pleasure. She sucks and fucks each and every customer until they’re drained and she’s completely covered in cum.

Theater Sluts is part of the same network of sites as Glory Hole Girlz, where membership gets you access to both sites as well as many others with similar themes. A very good deal if you are interested in the adult theater / glory hole scene.

Carla from Theater Sluts

Actress Info: Carla from Theater Sluts

Cute As A Button

Posted in on February 26th, 2011 by JD – Be the first to comment

A little interracial glory hole action for you today, this blonde teen hottie is Alyssa and the sets comes from the popular Wearing a sexy blue top and a sexy jean skirt, Alyssa stops in the bathroom while filling up her car at a gas station and is confronted by a glory hole and the biggest black cock she’s ever seen. Feeling naughty, she decides to get down on her knees and gets to sucking and fucking until things reach a climax. If you like interracial glory hole videos with some of the hottest girls on the web, it doesn’t get much better than

You can find some more pics and videos of Alyssa here.

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Like A Good Catholic Girl

Posted in Gloryhole Admissions on February 24th, 2011 by JD – Be the first to comment

In this clip from Glory Hole Admissions, sultry Catholic girl Alison has stopped off for a quick confession at her church after a weekend of partying and some ‘sins’ she’s feeling guilty about. After revealing her escapades and getting the priest on the other side quite worked up, he convinces her to remove the decorative cover disguising the glory hole so he can slide his now rock hard cock through to get some relief. And of course, being a good Catholic girl, Alison is only all too happy to oblige.

More of Alison and lots of other girls getting dirty at confession can be found at Glory Hole Admissions.

Post Info: Alison from Glory Hole Admissions


From The Other Side

Posted in Adult Theater Fun, Amateurs on February 23rd, 2011 by JD – Be the first to comment

This here is Nancy, one of the amateur contributors to Adult Theater Fun and in this clip we see some of her adult bookstore play from a slightly different angle. Nancy has a few videos with her doing the usual glory hole thing but in this clip she decided to invite a guy into her video booth to get a little more hands on while her husband went around to the booth next store to film them through the hole. Not your usual glory hole perspective but pretty damn hot nonetheless.

Nancy is just one of the dozens of amateur contributors over at Adult Theater Fun making them one of the best sites on the web for real amateur glory hole and adult theater videos, you’ll want to check them out.

Actress Info: Amateur Nancy from Adult Theater Fun

Be My Valentine

Posted in Glory Hole Girlz on February 22nd, 2011 by JD – Be the first to comment

Here’s a late Valentine’s day special from Gloryhole Girlz. This is Toni, a cute exotic little thing who was dumped by her boyfriend a few days before Valentine’s day. Looking for some revenge (and some release), she hooked up with the Gloryhole Girlz crew and offered to let them film her at the local adult bookstore while she sucked and serviced any willing guys who happened to be lucky enough to be there at the same time. The number of girls and amazing glory hole scenes at Gloryhole Girlz continues to grow and this is another great addition.

The rest of Toni’s gloryhole revenge can be found at GloryholeGirlz

Toni from GloryholeGirlz

Actress Info: Toni from Glory Hole Girlz

Rest Stop Gloryhole

Posted in Huge Cock Gloryholes on February 20th, 2011 by JD – Be the first to comment

Cute blond Natalie is on a long drive with her boyfriend when the decide to make a quick stop for gas. While her boyfriend waits at the car, Natalie heads to the bathroom where she’s surprised to find a glory hole. She’d heard about them, but never actually seen one in person but before she has time to ponder it any longer a stranger on the other side jams his cock through. Deciding to give the guy a thrill (after all it is anonymous, right?), Natalie gets to sucking, eventually getting herself so excited she strips down to her matching pink bra and panties so she can play with herself while she sucks.

This clip comes courtesy of Huge Cock Gloryholes, where you can find more of Natalie and lots of other beautiful glory hole girls.

Post Info: Natalie from Huge Cock Gloryholes


Gloryhole Princess Adult Bookstore Fun

Posted in Amateurs, Gloryhole Princess on February 19th, 2011 by JD – 2 Comments

Back with a few delicious samples from Gloryhole Princess featuring the lovely Piper doing what she loves at the glory holes. She’s sucking cock in the video booths and even heads out into the open at the adult bookstore to do some flashing and suck off some lucky customers. It’s worth mentioning again that Piper’s stuff is real authentic amateur content, hard to find on the web these days – to see more pics and videos like these visit her at Gloryhole Princess.

Post Info: Piper from Gloryhole Princess

Dressing Room Gloryhole

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Traditionally, gloryholes are usually found in adult bookstore video booths or public restrooms, but in this set from Huge Cock Gloryholes we see that’s not always the case. Voluptuous Violet is out shopping on a sunny afternoon, trying on clothes in the dressing room when she notices a hole on one of the walls that seems out of place. Apparently it’s been cut by store employees to try to get some action from horny female shoppers and before long a large cock comes through waiting for Violet to start sucking. She’s more than happy to oblige, stripping half out of her cute yellow dress and sucking off the stranger for all she’s worth.

Violet’s full video, along with tons of other girls caught in similar situations can be found over at Huge Cock Gloryholes.

Post Info: Violet from Huge Cock Gloryholes


Private Gloryhole

Posted in Adult Theater Fun, Amateurs on February 17th, 2011 by JD – Be the first to comment

Another great gloryhole clip today from Adult Theater Fun. In it we have Rose, a horny young wife looking to satisfy some of her urges at a private gloryhole setup. She gives a superb messy blowjob until the lucky young man on the other side of the wall moans in pleasure and releases his load into her eager mouth. More of Rose’s videos, as well as the full version of the clip here can be found at Adult Theater Fun.

Actress Info: Rose from Adult Theater Fun

CumDrinkingWife Adult Theater Play

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This clip is from CumDrinkingWife, and shows one of Marion’s other favorite activities outside of the gloryhole – pleasuring random strangers in the darkness of the adult cinema. Here we find her on her knees while she sucks, jerks and licks each and every one of the cocks that are placed in front of her, letting each guy cum wherever they please. Some great amateur adult theater videos here, check out CumDrinkingWife for the rest of this clip and much more including lots of gloryhole play.

Post Info: Marion from Cum Drinking Wife