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Ellie @ Theater Sluts

Posted in Adult Theater, Theater Sluts on December 18th, 2009 by JD – 1 Comment

Ellie here is a relatively inexperienced girl who has never been with more than one guy, let alone in an adult bookstore. All that changes when she’s finally convinced to pay the local adult theater a visit, as she tells herself she’s just there to watch – she has no intentions of participating. However, once in the darkness of the theater, Ellie starts to get turned on as notices how much attention these perverts are paying to her, and before long she’s stripped out of her pink dress and is bent over a chair sucking one stranger’s cock while another pounds her tight pussy. She takes most of their loads on her face and body, but a couple lucky guys get to finish off inside of her – a fantastic update from Theater Sluts.

The rest of Ellie’s video can be found at Theater Sluts.

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Teen Toni

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Another sweet young teenager corrupted at the porn theater, this time it’s Toni, a tight little brunette who loves porn yet has never been to an adult theater before. She is however very turned on by the idea of strangers watching her play with herself in public, so the theater seems to be the perfect place for her to live out this fantasy. As the video begins, she makes herself comfortable while the guys gather round, and eventually the brave ones approach her with their cocks out and she is more than happy to take care of their urges. This innocent girl looks like an absolute slut as she simultaneously fucks and sucks all the lucky guys who happen to be in the adult bookstore that night, until she’s completely covered in sweat and cum.

Watch the full video on the Theater Sluts site.

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Ebony Theater Slut

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This submissive ebony babe has been a slut in training for quite some time. And like any good slut, Monique gets off on doing whatever her master tells her, and that quite often means trips to the adult theater so she can get used by the horny perverts waiting there in the dark. She moves throughout the theater, taking on all the patrons, both black and white, sucking them off or readily bending over and letting them fuck her if they wish. This video has some good facials and a bit of anal action to boot.

Find the rest of the video featuring Monique at Theater Sluts.

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Porn Theater Addict

Posted in Adult Theater, Theater Sluts on December 10th, 2009 by JD – Be the first to comment

Lanka has been venturing out at night to the local porn theater without her husband knowing to get . After the first time she swore she would stop, but the thrill of getting fucked by dozens of horny strangers proved to be too much for her, and she enough she kept going back. In this video, after a quick stop off at the glory hole, Lanka enters the theater with a guy she often goes there with, and in no time the other patrons emerge from the dark corners and start to surround her as she strips naked. Once she’s on her knees, she has a cock in each hand and one in her mouth and she gets to work making sure every pervert in the crowd gets off.

The video clip here is from a longer video that can be found at Theater Sluts.

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Sexy Latina Gets Used

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This sexy little Latina is no stranger to wild, depraved sex. Glory holes, gangbangs, she’s done it all and yet until this video was shot, the one thing she hadn’t experienced was the adult theater. All eyes are on her as she enters the seedy porn theater, and as soon as she finds a seat she is swarmed by guys eager to get their dicks sucked or stroked by this beauty. In no time she’s on her knees, going around the crowd sucking anything that’s put in her face and jerking anything that’s put into her hands. Black guys, white guys, latino guys – Mya takes them all on in this video. One pervert finishes by blowing his load in her pussy while she gets her face covered by the cum of multiple strangers, an experience she’s not going to soon forget.

The video clip here is from a longer video that can be found at Theater Sluts.

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Red Head Theater Teen

Posted in Adult Theater, Theater Sluts on December 6th, 2009 by JD – 1 Comment

Another teen captured on film getting it on with strangers in an adult theater, this Theater Sluts update features 19 year old Nikki, a dirty little slut who is no stranger to the adult bookstore, even at her young age. She gets into the theater, gets naked and in no time has a long line of cocks ready to be pleased. Like any good multi-tasker, Nikki sucks, strokes and fucks all at the same time, taking loads in her mouth, in her pussy and all over her face. When she finally exits the theater, her clothes are a mess and her body is plastered with cum, but you can bet she’ll be back.

This clip of Nikki is from Theater Sluts, where you can find the rest of the video as well as many others.

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Alena @ Rave Gloryhole

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Blonde party girl Alena headed to the club dressed to kill in a red dress with knee high boots and sexy fishnet stockings. She had heard rumors from her friends about the gloryholes in the bathrooms here and the first chance she gets she heads off to check it our for herself. She lets the guys on either side of the glory holes play with her body until she’s stripped down to nothing but her fishnets, and then gives them the signal to slide their cocks through the hole so she can return the favor. She sucks each dick in turn, bending over to get fucked from behind as well, before jerking each load all over her chest.

Enjoy this clip of the super cute Alena at the glory hole, and get the rest of the video at Rave Gloryhole.

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Slut Wife Karen

Posted in Adult Theater, Theater Sluts on December 3rd, 2009 by JD – 1 Comment

This Theater Sluts update follows Karen, another wife who’s craving some no strings attached sex. Of course, there’s no better place for that than the adult theater, filled with horny perverts waiting for a girl like her to arrive. Wearing in a tight red that’s barely there and shows off her long, sexy legs, Karen makes her way into the theater and takes a seat right in the front row, making sure everyone saw her enter. Within minutes, she’s surrounded by guys with their cocks out, enough to keep her busy sucking and fucking for quite some time. Karen stays until every stranger in the theater has been serviced, catching load after load of cum.

Enjoy the clip below from Karen’s adult theater outing, and if you’d like the rest it can be found at Theater Sluts.

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Blonde Girl, Black Cock

Posted in on December 2nd, 2009 by JD – Be the first to comment

For this afternoon, here’s delicious little Ami Emerson and a smoking hot scene from Ami heads into the stall and is immediately intrigued by the dirty writing covering the walls, describing a level of that she’s only fantisized about. Before long she has her top and and has slipped out of her jeans, playing with her wet pussy as she reads the various messages on the walls. Without warning, a huge black cock comes through the glory hole in the stall and Ami gets right down to business, working the cock with her mouth and hands before bending over and taking the huge rod up her tight young pussy. She ends the scene by sucking him off to a fantastic finish all over her face.

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Gloryhole Graduate

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This cute little 18 year old is a fresh high school graduate, eager to get a little worldy sexual experience before college. Dressed in knee high boots and her shortest black shirt, Katrina heads to the gloryhole booths at the adult bookstore and before her eyes can even adjust to the low light of the booth, a hard cock is sticking through the hole. She wastes no time in getting to her knees and giving one blowjob after another, doing her utmost to take care of every horny stranger who enters the booth next door. After getting her fill of anonymous dicks, she heads back out of the store, enjoying the stares of the men around the store as she passes by with her cum still dripping from her chin.

No fucking in this scene, but Katrina does suck off 4 or 5 guys and swallows them all. The full video can be found over at Glory Hole Girlz.

A few more pics of Katrina at the glory hole:
Katrina from Gloryhole Girlz

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Rave Glory Hole Cutie

Posted in Rave Gloryhole on December 1st, 2009 by JD – 1 Comment

Moving away from the adult bookstore and into the club for a moment, we have here a clip from Rave Gloryhole. The young, gorgeous Ksiusha is out for a night at the club with her friends when she slips away to the bathroom. The gloryholes in the stalls at this particular club are fairly well known around the area and as she enters there are already a couple of guys waiting on either side. She can see them watching her through the partitions and before long she has her top off, exposing her lovely natural tits, and is jerking a hard cock in each hand. She goes back and forth between each guy, sucking one while the cock on the other side fucks her from behind, finally finishing them off in her mouth.

Please enjoy this clip of Ksiusha taking 2 dicks at once through the glory holes. The full video can be found on the Rave Gloryhole site.

Post Info: Ksiusha from Rave Gloryhole