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Rave Gloryhole Action

Posted in Rave Gloryhole on November 28th, 2007 by JD – Be the first to comment

This delicious brunette was enjoying another night out at the club, drinking, dancing and getting herself nice and worked up on the dance floor. She headed to the bathroom to seek some relief and came across that special stall with a gloryhole on each side and 2 horny guys waiting and ready to go. She pulls down her jeans, pulls up her top and plays with herself for awhile before proceeding to service both the waiting cocks, fucking and sucking both of them to a spectacular finish. Get the complete video over at RaveGloryhole.


Post Info: Unknown Girl from RaveGloryhole

Dirty Talking Dogger

Posted in Dogging Missions on November 26th, 2007 by JD – Be the first to comment
Natalia is what you might call an experienced dogger – she loves to get out at night and pleasure strangers and it shows in this video from Dogging Uncovered. With her blonde hair, an amazing pair of tits and a dirty mouth, Natalia makes this one smoking hot scene as she gets out of the car, gets to her knees and proceeds to service a couple of waiting doggers, talking dirty to them and the camera the whole time. Add to that her delicious British accent and this is a dogging vid you need to check out – grab it over at Dogging Uncovered.
Dogging in the UK with Natalia
Post Info: Natalia from Dogging Uncovered

Rocking With Lyn

Posted in Glory Hole Girlz on November 23rd, 2007 by JD – Be the first to comment

Happy Thanksgiving folks – a GloryholeGirlz update for you today.

Punk rocker Lyn was spotted by the GloryholeGirlz crew at a late summer outdoor music festival and she just had that look of a chick who’d be up for trying out the glory hole. After approaching her with the idea (and after a little convinving), she agreed to head to the adult bookstore and get down at the gloryhole for a little anonymous cocksucking. Turns out she’s a natural – Lyn sucks off every cock that comes through the hole, taking each load like a pro. Check out the clips of Lyn below and grab the rest of the video at GloryholeGirlz.


Post Info: Lyn, from


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18 year old Deanna asked to be taken to the local adult bookstore to satisfy her appetite for some unrestrained, no strings attached fun with the horny guys she knows frequent those places. Don’t let the innocent look fool you, this teenager is plenty experienced in how to please a man. She gets to work at the glory hole, sucking and taking load after load of cum all over her chin before deciding to give the last guy a suprise by fucking him
through the hole. In the end though, it’s her who gets the suprise when he shoots his load right in her pussy without warning. Grab the rest of the video at Gloryhole Girlz.
Deanna sucking at the glory hole

Post Info: Deanna, from

Ghetto Glory Hole Girl

Posted in Gloryhole Initiations on November 20th, 2007 by JD – Be the first to comment
From the revamped Gloryhole Initiations, Strokahontas is an absolutely stunning young woman with a bit of a slutty side. She gets into it quickly, gladly stripping down for the camera and playing with herself before kneeling down to service the hard cock that’s waiting for her at the hole. She’s gives a nice sloppy blowjob, making the guys on the other side of the gloryhole groan with pleasure. Her name might be a bit over the top (Strokahontas, how clever!), but this is definately one worth checking out.
Post Info: Strokahontas from Gloryhole Initiations

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Posted in Amateurs, Glory Hole Related Links on November 19th, 2007 by JD – 2 Comments
Charlee, along with Robin, Cleo, Mary and others, is one of the fairly well known true amateur glory hole girls out there on the net. Like Robin, her site has shut down and she no longer produces new content, however the efforts of collectors out there have ensured that most of it is still fairly easy to find if you know where to look. For those who are unfamiliar with her, Charlee is a very cute young woman who enjoyed frequenting the local adult bookstore glory holes while her husband filmed. She sucks like a pro and let some of the guys on the other side fuck her through the glory hole on occasion.
In addition to the adult bookstore content, there were also a good deal of photosets of her looking sexy and getting it on with various guys – below find a few samples and a couple torrents containing some of Charlee’s stuff that are still being seeded.
Charlee glory hole slut
Charlee glory hole wife
Charlee glory hole girl
Charlee glory hole slut
A few screenshots from some of the glory hole torrents listed below:
Torrents (registration at Empornium required – it’s free):
Charlee’s Glory Hole Adventures 1
Charlee’s Glory Hole Adventures 2
Charlee’s Glory Hole Adventures 3
CharleePics Site Rip

New Gloryhole Initiations

Posted in Gloryhole Initiations on November 17th, 2007 by JD – Be the first to comment

Gloryhole Initiations has changed format somewhat, shifting to an interracial angle featuring black girls sucking white dick through the glory hole. It now provides the complement to, which features white girls and black dicks. The new girls are smoking hot and the site looks great – a ton of content, high quality movies and good organization.

The first girl up is Shi Reeves. Amazing body, tight flat stomach and near-perfect tits, it’s almost a shame that the guys on the other side of the hole don’t get to look at her while she’s sucking them off. She strips down and gets to work, eventually getting so worked up that she backs her ass up to the hole so lucky guy on the other side can fuck her. We’ve gathered a couple clips here, the full vid is at Gloryhole Initiations.

Post Info: Shi Reeves from Gloryhole Initiations

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Dogging Lessons

Posted in Dogging Missions on November 17th, 2007 by JD – Be the first to comment
A quick dogging post to mix things up a bit. For those of you unfaimilar with the concept, dogging is an activity (originating for the most part in the UK), involving public sex with strangers in parks, parking lots and other out of the way places. Dogging Uncovered has probably the best selection of dogging content out there on the web right now. That said, we give you Missy, an enthusiastic slut who gets dressed up in a schoolgirl outfit and heads out to find some doggers to please. She gets on her knees, sucking off multiple guys and lets them fuck her over the hood of a car before swallowing all their loads, one after another. The complete vid this was pulled from can be found at Dogging Uncovered.
Dogging cock sucking with Missy
Post Info: Missy from Dogging Uncovered

Lebanese Gloryhole Girl

Posted in Glory Hole Girlz on November 11th, 2007 by JD – Be the first to comment
Adding a little exotic flavor to the glory hole scene, brown-eyed, Lebanese
Yasmine shows that Middle Eastern girls know how to work the cocks at the glory holes just as well
as their Western sisters.
She goes to town on every cock that comes through the hole, moaning and telling the guys in the next stall how much she loves sucking their dicks – truly a great scene. The full vid can be found at GloryHoleGirlz.



Post Info: Yasmine, from

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Adult Theater Sluts

Posted in Adult Theater, Theater Sluts on November 5th, 2007 by JD – Be the first to comment
From the same group of guys who run GloryHoleGirlz, Theater Sluts shows a different view of the adult bookstore – the backroom theater where girls can go to engage in unrestrained sex with complete strangers in the darkness of the aisles. This Theater Sluts clip features Melissa, a stripper with gorgeous all natural tits who heads into the adult theater late one night after work and encounters a whole group of guys happy to see a horny young girl in their midst. Like a good whore, she gets right to her knees and gets busy, taking load after load all over her face and tits.
Grab more over at



Post Info: Melissa, from Theater Sluts

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Housewife Lanka

Posted in Glory Hole Girlz on November 2nd, 2007 by JD – Be the first to comment
Today we’ve got a new girl from GloryholeGirlz, sweet young housewife Lanka who the GHG crew discovered has a bit of a wild side. Her husband likes to send her out to local adult bookstores and theaters to fuck and suck every cock she can find, and then come home to tell him the stories. She gets right down to business at the glory hole, dropping to her knees and sucking off each and every guy who comes through. As always, the pics and videos are up on Gloryhole Girlz.



Post Info: Lanka, from

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