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Treasures of the Bar

Posted in Glory Hole Girlz on June 7th, 2006 by JD – Be the first to comment

Dirty D met Kyra at a local pub during happy hour. She was showing off at the bar, tying cherry stems into knots with her tongue. Dirty D couldn’t resist telling her about ‘The Hole’. Her eyes lit up while she asked a few questions. After a few shots of liquid courage she was ready to go. Kyra puts her notorious tongue tricks to the ultimate test on 5 stranger’s hard cocks!

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Industrious Slut

Posted in Gloryhole Station on June 6th, 2006 by JD – Be the first to comment
This industrious little slut sucking cock through the glory hole at the service station makes optimal use of the tools at her disposal (besides her mouth), taking off her panties and using them to take care of the mess. Innovation at its finest, to be sure.

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Ebony Gloryhole Cocksucker

Posted in Glory Hole Girlz on June 5th, 2006 by JD – Be the first to comment
The latest update from GloryHoleGirlz, this is Caren, a fine ebony honey who wandered into the peep show one fine afternoon and couldn’t help but take care of some men in need. She goes after the gloryhole like a pro, quickly stripping down naked and getting to business, taking cock after cock and handling their loads like its nothing.
Post Info: Caren from GloryHoleGirlz

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Posted in Adult Theater, Glory Hole Girlz, Theater Sluts on June 4th, 2006 by JD – Be the first to comment
Today I’ve got Krysta for you, a favorite slut over at GloryHoleGirlz and its family of sites. The first couple of vids are of her sucking dick at the local gloryhole, and as you can see she really gets into it. The third clip is from TheaterSluts, when she was taken the to an adult theater and set loose on the pack of horny guys in there watching porn. She strokes and sucks until everyone in the theater has been satisified, and then some. Its girls like Krysta that make those trips to the porn theater worth it, if you’re lucky enough to catch her in action.
Post Info: Krysta, from GloryHoleGirlz and TheaterSluts
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Redhead At The Station

Posted in Gloryhole Station on June 4th, 2006 by JD – Be the first to comment
Noon quickie…. A redheaded slut with perky little tits visits the station today, and helps out a poor trucker in need.
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Posted in Adult Theater, Amateurs, Glory Hole Related Links, on June 3rd, 2006 by JD – 1 Comment
Something a little offbeat today, but still gloryhole related. Pure amateur gloryhole and adult theater content can be somewhat hard to come by on the net these days, and there are quite a few sites that existed in the early part of the decade, but are no more. One of those is WhenIFeelNaughty ( [defunct]). This site featured Robin, a bona fide slut, as she traveled to various adult theaters and bookstores, fucking and sucking whoever she could find. It is probably amongst the best authentic adult theater/gloryhole content out there now.

Anyway, to get to the point, while Robin’s site is no more, there is an active Yahoo group devoted to collecting and preserving whatever pics and videos of her they can find. Check it out:

Blonde Gloryhole Slut

Posted in Gloryhole Station on June 2nd, 2006 by JD – Be the first to comment
Quick midday update – A hot little blond from GloryHoleStation for you today. Sorry, I don’t know the name of the girl on this one.

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Service Station Cocksucking!

Posted in Gloryhole Station on June 1st, 2006 by JD – Be the first to comment
We’ve got another new Glory Hole site to introduce to this blog today…

The typical location for most gloryholes is in adult bookstores, but such locations tend to be hard to come by and even fewer have women brave enough to venture into the video booth. There are, however, gloryholes in other locations – most notably truck and rest stops and service stations. Hence we give you, girls sucking cock through the gloryhole at the local service station. Enjoy! We’ll try to get a more complete site review up when we can.

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