RabbitsCams: The Next Best Thing to a Gloryhole

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jessykaswan hallway gloryhole

Okay, so for some guys there is nothing better than a gloryhole. The ability to stick your dick through a hole and have someone on the other side (male or female, whatever your preference) suck and stroke it until you cum is truly a wonderful thing.

However, sometimes getting to a gloryhole just isn’t possible and when those times occur may I suggest RabbitsCams?! However, before we get to that lets take a quick look at why those who love gloryholes, appreciate them so much!

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Low and High Porn Technologies: From Gloryholes to Live Cams

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brooklyn jade gloryhole

It is pretty common knowledge in the tech community that many of the advances we have today have been made possible by the porn industry. When we think of the growth of home video technologies from the VRC and VHS to DVDs, they were able to grow like they did because of porn.

But, while porn has been a leader in the high-tech realm, one doesn’t always need the latest technology to get off. Sometimes the lowest-tech possible can be the hottest. And what is lower-tech than a hole in the wall?

The Gloryhole (low-tech)

If anonymous sex is what you desire than nothing is more anonymous than you not seeing the person that you are fucking and them not seeing you. However, unless you both wear blindfolds, the best – and much easier way – to accomplish this feat is to be separated from your partner in copulation by a wall (with a hole in it). And there we have the gloryhole.

While many people think of a gloryhole as nothing but an urban legend, those people would be wrong. I am going to be honest with all of you and tell you that I have never personally used a gloryhole. But I have seen them and I have witnessed them being used. Another myth I can dispel is those that think gloryholes are only used by gay men.

Yes, the gloryhole has had its major use and growth in the gay community, but again, using myself as an example, it was in a straight sexual environment that I had my run in with the gloryholes. And if you look at porn these days the gloryhole is a niche that straight porn has really rolled with.

Just head over to the biggest porn site review site on the internet, Rabbits Reviews and type “gloryhole” in to the search box. What comes up is mostly straight sites. Maybe that is because we, as straight folks, don’t have as much experience with them in our sexual communities so the fantasy about them is stronger and therefore porn sites have evolved to quench those fantasies.

The point is that the most basic of perverted technology – a wall and a hole – can be just as arousing and pornographically pleasing as the most advanced tech. Which brings us to the Live Cams.

Live Cams (high-tech)

While gloryholes have been around for at least decades – probably centuries – the possibility of sitting in your house and being able to see someone live on video from somewhere else in the world is a rather new phenomenon. And what is even newer is the ability to do it well.

Anyone who tried to live video chat (perverted or not) back in the day knows that, while it was technically possible, it wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences. Your internet connections weren’t always the quickest and even the cameras themselves weren’t of the highest definition. But that has pretty much all changed!

Today almost every laptop and most desktop computers you buy come with built in cameras that are already pretty good and there are HD webcams on the market that are great should you want to upgrade. Even our smartphones have cams built in that allow for pretty nice-looking images for live cam conversations.

Add to that the growth of high speed internet, and the increasing speeds of said internet, and you are ready for some hot and high-quality live sex cam fun.

Again I headed over to Rabbits Reviews and checked out their Live Cam category and if you do the same you will find plenty of suggestions. Some are more expensive, some are cheaper. Some feature mostly amateur girls and others have big name pornstars appearing. Take some time to read the pros and cons of different sites and then go check them out for yourself. It is often free to give them a look so all it will cost you is a little time.

The Tech of Anonymity

So, looking back on our discussion today we have gone from the most low-tech sex/porn/perve equipment ever (a hole in a wall) to the most high-tech (the ability to video chat in HD with anyone anywhere in the world). But what do they have in common – besides the obvious porn aspect? Anonymity!

porn buttonThe point of the gloryhole is the excitement and the adventure of anonymity. Of sticking your dick through a hole to get it sucked but not knowing who is doing it and they not knowing who you are either. Well, the same is kinda true for live cams, at least on your side of the cam.

When you or I or anyone chats with a performer on a live cam site we are having someone help get us off without them ever knowing who we are. This is different from porn magazines or videos because the girl or guy or tranny on the other side of the camera is live and interacting with us in real time without knowing who we are – just like someone on the other side of a gloryhole.

Check out Go Nude Cams as an example and you will find babes of all shapes and sizes and genres just waiting for someone to take them for some private time. They want to chat and listen and do what turns you on. You want to see them finger their pussy while in a doggy-style position well they will do it. You want to see them just play with their tits – go ahead and ask, etc.

Yes, you can usually go cam2cam with the performer should you decide to remove that cloak of anonymity. But that is your decision. Just like you could walk around to the other side of the wall and see who is on their knees sucking your dick and reveal yourself to them as well.

Technology changes and improves but horny humans will always find a way to find what they want with what is available. When it comes to live sexual interaction there are lots of ways to go about it and lots of places to find it. But if you are looking for the thrill of total anonymity then you are probably going to want to find a gloryhole or an adult live cam site.

Remember, as with anything else though, there is proper etiquette when it comes to gloryholes:

What Friends Are For

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Going back in time a bit for this one, the set we have tonight is one of the first ones that was posted on Gloryhole Hustlers. You may remember the cute, happy blonde Lexi that we posted a video of awhile back. She’s been one of the Gloryhole Hustlers fan favorites for obvious reasons, watching a girl that cute suck cock after cock of anonymous strangers is just damn hot.

That video, however, was of Lexi’s second visit to the glory holes. Her first visit was also her first time in the adult theater and she brought along her friend Hilary for a little (apologies in advance for the terrible pun), oral support.

From Gloryhole Hustlers.

You can find a gallery with more pics of Lexi and Hilary here
Gloryhole Hustlers Lexi and Hilary

As in Lexi’s first video, the girls seem to be enjoying themselves very much as they team up to help get off as many men as they can. They double team a few cocks, working them over with the mouths at the same time, while also going solo, sucking off different men simultaneously through the holes on opposite sides of the video booth. By the end, they’re sticky with cum and going to town on a lucky few guys who were invited into the booth to get a little up close and personal attention from the pair of cocksuckers – without question one of the best scenes we’ve seen so far.

We only have pictures available for this update, we’ll work on getting a video for you as well. In the meantime, if you just can’t wait you can find the video along with all the rest of the pictures from this scene at Gloryhole Hustlers.

Lacey Gets Fucked

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So we’ve been slacking a bit as of late in bringing you new gloryhole scenes, but fall is here, the days are getting shorter, more and more people are inside at their computers and it’s time to get caught up on what’s been missed over the last few weeks. This clip we have here this morning is an older one that we’ve been meaning to post for awhile, but haven’t gotten around to yet. We covered Lacey from Gloryhole Hustlers back in August with a great video of her sucking a guy off and swallowing every drop of cum he has to give her.

From Gloryhole Hustlers

This video is from that same visit, but in this one we see a couple different perspectives. First, Lacey’s entrance into the adult bookstore which is quite a sight. She’s wearing practically nothing – a tiny top, an even tinier sheer skirt and a skimpy pink thong, leaving very little to the imagination. She walks past some of the other customers who are milling about the video booth area and you can just imagine what’s go through their horny minds when this hot piece of ass head into one of the glory hole booths.

Once in the booth, we jump to the part of Lacey’s visit where she got herself so worked up that she had to fuck one of these strangers, which she does, bending over and putting her ass to the wall to give the lucky guy free access to slip his cock into her tight, and by now quite wet, pussy.

As always, Lacey’s videos and picture sets along with a bunch of others much like this featuring other girls, can be found over at Gloryhole Hustlers.

Gloryhole Hustler Eva

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Gloryhole Hustlers continue to roll along with great new videos coming out a couple times a week now, in addition to the live shows that they broadcast the past two weekends. The site allows members to vote on their favorite girls who have appeared on the site and who they’d most like to see back for more anonymous cocksucking, and it seems that Eva here is quickly becoming a fan favorite over there.

From Gloryhole Hustlers

This curvy Latina has quite the talented mouth, combined with a great deal of enthusiasm for her work, sucking, swallowing and smiling the whole time. This video we have today if from Eva’s second appeareance on the site, and features some highlights of the 9 cocks she drained that day. There are a couple of amusing moments in here as well – the first guy who has his cock wrapped up with string like it’s a Christmas present, and Eva’s call from her boyfriend midway through her cocksucking spree.

We’ve been thoroughly impressed with the quality of Gloryhole Hustlers thus far, and we hope to see a lot more of Eva in the near future. We have some additional previews of Eva from this visit that we’ll post up this weekend, so stay tuned.

Adult Theater Fun – Glory Hole Mix

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We’ve talked a lot about Gloryhole Hustlers lately, as it’s the new kid on the scene and so far it’s showing a lot of potential towards becoming one of the best amateur glory hole sites on the web. However, we don’t want to leave out Adult Theater Fun, which is still unsurpassed when it comes to amateur, user-submitted glory hole and adult theater videos and images.

Here are a sampling of some additional pics submitted by Adult Theater Fun members, showing wives and girlfriends have a little anonymous fun with strangers in various adult bookstores across the country. Some of the faces are blurred, but to us that just makes it all the more illicit, especially when you see the images of the women who are confident enough in their inner slut that they didn’t opt to hide their identity. Who knows, browsing through their user section, you might even come across someone you know in your neighborhood.

From Adult Theater Fun.

There’s a little bit for everyone in this selection – some big cocks, some interracial, some sluts playing with strangers up close and personal in the video booths and of course, plenty of glory hole fun. All of these images are from complete sets, which you can find along with many, many more over at Adult Theater Fun.

Gloryhole Hustlers Live Show This Saturday, 8/27

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You can view the live show here, starting at 12 PM PST on Saturday, 8/27

Hey all – we got word that Gloryhole Hustlers will be streaming another live show this Saturday at 12 PM PST. Their last show seemed to be a great success, it would be great if this becomes an ongoing feature. As always, members are able to watch the stream of the live show for free as part of their membership.

This time around we do know which girl will be on hand to suck off the ranks of horny strangers, and this time it’s the lovely Payton:

From Gloryhole Hustlers.

You can find a gallery with more pics of Payton here
Gloryhole Hustlers Payton

She’s appeared on the site once before for her first glory hole visit, but unfortunately she only got to swallow a handful of loads that day. We’re told this time around that she’s aiming for the Gloryhole Hustlers record of 20+ loads of cum swallowed. Above are a few shots from Payton’s last glory hole adventure.

It’s nice to see young people setting goals, we wish her all the best in her cum-swallowing endeavours. Still not convinced about Gloryhole Hustlers? If you’d like to check out more videos, take a look through our archives or the videos available on The Glory Hole Tube.

Lacey Gets It On

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For those of you who caught it, I hope you enjoyed the Gloryhole Hustlers live show last Sunday, hopefully they’ll be making this a regular feature in the future. Next up we’ve got a couple of great videos that we’ve been waiting to post but haven’t gotten around to it with all the activity lately. Anyhow, without further ado…

From Gloryhole Hustlers

This delightfully scandalous young lady is Lacey, who had her debut with Gloryhole Hustlers not long ago. Now, while we generally try to avoid passing judgement on individuals based on outward appearance, one look at this girl and it’s pretty obvious she’s no stranger to getting guys off. Combine that with the fact that I believe this is the first girl from the site we’ve seen get COMPLETELY bare ass naked while she’s sucking off random strangers. Not that we’re complaining, mind you.

In this clip we see Lacey working on a sizable cock like a pro, showing off some impressive hand-mouth coordination as she does her best to get this stranger to blow his load in her mouth. After a couple minutes of her efforts, she’s rewarded with a mouthful of cum, before pulling off his shaft and jerking the rest of this guy’s load all onto her tits.

Without question, Lacey makes an excellent addition to the already superb lineup of Gloryhole Hustlers girls. Be sure to check back later in the week, the next video we have of her has some shots of her walking into the adult arcade, dressed like a complete slut while the guys lineup to watch her go by, before she settles in to get fucked through the hole by a thick cock.

A Guilty Conscience

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As many Catholics will tell you, guilt, can be a powerful motivator. It compels those with a heavy conscience to attend church, make donations and above all else – attend confession. It’s in the latter that it’s proven to be quite useful for some of the more – shall we say, morally challenged – members of the clergy as an outlet for their pent up sexual urges. And so it is we find ourselves back at Gloryhole Admissions, with some brand new scenes that have just recently been released.

From Gloryhole Admissions

Our lovely young lass today is Vanessa, a cute, college age blonde who heads to confession wearing perhaps not the most appropriate attire – a tight white tube top and a plaid miniskirt that barely covers her firm young ass. As soon as he sees her come in, the priest knows he’s got a potential willing participant to give him a some oral relief, and he immediately sets to work getting her to confess to some of her more recent sexual sins.

Before long, he’s managed to convince dear Vanessa that the only way to absolve herself of her sins is to replay some of them, here in church, before God. He has her remove the cover concealing the hidden glory hole between the confessional booths, and immediately shoves through his throbbing, rock hard cock which is already begging for relief. Our intrepid schoolgirl sinner is a little reluctant at first, but eventually gets to stroking and then sucking the holy man’s cock, becoming more and more aware of the desire building between her own legs.

Eventually, she’s stripped out of her clothes completely, getting a thrill from being fully naked in the middle of church while giving a blowjob to the priest she’s known all her life. The pleasure of feeling her mouth wrapped tightly around his shaft is almost too much for the sexually repressed priest, and he stuggles to control himself as he wants to prolong the experience just a little longer before he fills her mouth with cum…

Like what you see? There are lots more girls getting dirty in church over at Gloryhole Admissions.

Gloryhole Hustlers Live Show This Sunday 8/21

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Update: To see the live show, go here

A special announcement – Gloryhole Hustlers will be broadcasting a live show this Sunday from 12 PM – 2 PM PST. Now, while I haven’t exactly done extensive research, I’m fairly certain that a live internet show from an adult bookstore glory hole booth hasn’t been done before, so this is quite likely a first. Not sure what girl or girls will be providing their oral talents this weekend, but based on some of the past videos it’s bound to be good. Best of luck to them, we hope everything goes well.

Members of the site will get to watch the show for free. If you are not a member, you can still watch the show here or, better yet, become a member and get access to all of their fantastic videos as well as the live show.

If you still need some convincing, and since I hate to do a post without any eye candy to look at, here’s a video of Julie, who we featured in a post a couple weeks ago. This video has some highlights of her showing off her oral skills on a couple of lucky guys, as well as her backing that gorgeous ass up to the hole so she can get properly fucked and get a little relief of her own.

Amateur Cumslut Natalie K

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We have a brand new amateur gloryhole site to cover today, this one all the way from the UK. My Glory Hole Confessions is the site of amateur cumslut Natalie K, a hot wife who documents her various sexual adventures on the 6 sites in the Arse with Class network.

From My Glory Hole Confessions

The glory hole that she and her husband have setup is homemade, and they invite over men to get sucked and fucked by Natalie through the hole. While it isn’t the traditional adult bookstore setting with complete strangers, it’s still pretty damn hot, watching her anonymously pleasure these men while her husband watches and films. There’s quite a bit of variety in terms of setup of the various videos – single guys, 2 or 3 cocks at once, big cocks, black cocks and lots of Natalie backing her ass up to the wall to let the guys fuck her pussy through the hole.

She loves getting guys off, and seems to take pride in her ability to drain the cum out of these guys over and over. In addition, as mentioned earlier, Natalie is from the UK and that British accent can be damn sexy if that’s your thing.

If you’re interested, you can check out a couple more sample galleries here and here. In addition to the gloryhole site, membership gets you access to her dogging, gangbang, bukkake, girl on girl sites and more – a pretty damn good deal.